Star Upper is a Maximal in the Beast Era portion of the Generation One continuity.

"Digeridoo, wallaby, fair dinkum, Fosters."

Star Upper is a boxer with the Intergalactic No Holds Barred Boxing competition. His incredible 'star upper' punch, which uses mass shifting to approach the speed of light has earned him the moniker "Hellion Marsupial Brilliant Special", not to mention fame and championship titles. He's also a fearsome kickboxer, even in beast mode.

Despite these strengths, his physical combat skills are of limited use in a battlefield filled with ray-guns and missiles, and he is best suited to one-on-one direct confrontations, not field combat. He also occasionally suffers from a lack of self-confidence, and doesn't always think before acting.


Beast Wars II Manga

Star upper Manga

Battle shorts!

Star Upper decided to travel to Gaea and pose as the Maximals' soon-to-arrive reinforcements from Headquarters (who were in reality the Magnaboss trio) in an attempt to regain his confidence in the intergalactic boxing ring.

Star upper Beast mode

He stole the headband from Ryu

After crashing through the roof of the Yukikaze in his space car, Star Upper introduced himself to the Maximals, prompting Apache inquire about his rank. Star Upper claimed to have surpassed "Convoy" and even "Hyper Convoy", holding the special rank of "Hyper Convoy Brilliant Special 98".

Apache then asked if Star Upper had a Matrix, the symbol of Convoys - which Star Upper didn't know he needed, so he quickly lied and said that, as a member of the military information bureau's elite recon team Brilliant Special '98 (or something), he couldn't carry anything that would reveal his identity.

Apache buys this explanation.

Apache is not very bright.

After a madcap adventure, he returned to the boxing circuit to reclaim his place as champion.

Beast Wars Neo Anime


Uh, mister Noah?

Star Upper, along with Break, was one of many beast-mode Maximals waiting to receive their mission assignments while Big Convoy was being chewed out by the upper brass.

Some time after that, Break tuned in a broadcast of one of Star Upper's matches on the Intergalactic No Holds Barred Boxing circuit.

Beast Wars GameBoy Color Game

He was a secret character in the multi-series Beast Wars fighting game on the Game Boy Color system. Like everyone else in the game, he was rendered totally adorable.


  • Star Upper was the winner of a character design contest held by a Japanese magazine.
  • The status of an actual, extant "Hyper Convoy" rank is extremely questionable, given Star Upper's penchant for lying and his lack of knowledge about Matrixes.
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