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The Star Seekers are a crew of space pirates. They are headed by Thundertron, who due to his hate of Cybertronians, leads them in their spacecraft, the Tidal Wave, to hunt down any and all Cybertronians they can find.


Transformers: Exiles

Thundertron led his crew on the trail of a Cybertronian ship, landing on Velocitron. Facing opposition from the planet's leader, Thundertron grew angry and ordered his men to attack.

Continuing their travels, they took a space bridge to Junkion. Discovering not only the Ark but another Cybertronian ship, Thundertron met Wreck-Gar while the Cybertronians fought each other. Forcing Wreck-Gar and the Junkions to repair the Tidal Wave and install a space bridge on it, Brimstone and Cannonball killed Arclight on Thundertron's orders to make a point. Following the repair and installation, the Star Seekers attacked the Cybertronians.

The Star Seekers gained a member for the crew with the addition of Axer, who feigned hatred for Cybertronians to live and join the crew.

Transformers: Retribution

Some time after the battle on Junkion, Thundertron and the Star Seekers engineered a ruse to trap the Decepticons and to wipe out the Nemesis with the Requiem Blaster. Taking advantage of the Blaster's high energy consumption rate, Megatron manages to best the pirate leader in hand-to-hand combat while the Nemesis overwhelms the Tidal Wave, forcing the pirates into a retreat. In the midst of the battle, Wreck-Gar manages to steal an escape pod and escape his captors, while Axer, once again converted to Megatron's side and hoping to regain his leader's favour, reveals to the Decepticon leader that he knows the true whereabouts of the Autobots...

Known Members