• Star Saber (1989)
Japanese ID number: C-324
G1 Saber toy


Star Saber transforms into a large red, blue and white Cybertronic spacecraft and a base. The forward section of the spacecraft, Saber, can detach from the larger spacecraft body (known by itself as the V-Star) to form a smaller red fighter. Saber is the Brainmaster component of Star Saber, forming the latter's chest and face when combined in robot mode with the larger spacecraft body. Saber has his own Brainmaster figure, Yukio, who can ride inside his cockpit while Saber is in vehicle mode and inside his chest (becoming his face when the chest door closes) when Saber is in robot mode. Saber is armed with a large grey rifle and a shoulder-mounted shield formed out of his fighter nosecone.
G1 StarSaber toy


As noted above, when the larger spacecraft transforms into robot mode, Saber folds over his legs and sits inside the larger robot's chest. A helmet on the large spacecraft fits over Saber's head, and together they form Star Saber. Star Saber is armed with Saber's rifle as well as his Saberblade, whose hilt is formed out of Saber's cockpit/shield. The long, silver blade itself stores in a slot on Star Saber's back.
Star Saber can further combine with Victory Leo to form Victory Saber in both vehicle and super robot modes. (see below).
  • Victory Saber (Multi-pack, 1989)
Japanese ID number: C-328
G1 VictorySaber toy


The Victory Saber gift set is a two-pack of Star Saber and Victory Leo. In Victory Saber vehicle mode, Victory Leo transforms into a compacted version of his fighter mode and connects into the rear between Star Saber's engines/legs, forming a huge-ass space ship.
For Victory Saber robot mode, Victory Leo basically splits up into multiple parts, with most of Leo's body becoming platform shoes for Star Saber and the rest of him forming a giant backpack/weapons system from hell. As Victory Saber, the Star Saber robot is armed with his sword, the backpack's weapons and Victory Leo's huge-ass cannon, which can fire projectiles.

Mega SCF

  • Star Saber (2002)
G1 MegaSCF StarSaber


Mega SCF Star Saber is a five inch tall posable PVC action figure. While he cannot transform, he can combine with Mega SCF Victory Leo to form Victory Saber. He comes with his Saberblade, two sets of hands (right hand that can hold his sword and left hand with a clenched fist; right and left hands open in a pose) and two sets of heads (his Star Saber helmet and Saber's head).

Robot Masters

  • Star Saber (2004)
Japanese ID number: RM-15
RobotMasters StarSaber toy

Travel size!

RobotMasters VictorySaber toy

Economy size!

A smaller, simplified version of the Star Saber toy, the Robot Masters version of the figure eliminates the base mode and Saber's Brainmaster component, Yukio. As he was based closely upon the original toy without significant (or any) improvements to the basic design, he has limited Generation One-era articulation. His plastic is reportedly of poor quality.
As with the larger original toy, he can combine with Victory Leo to form Victory Saber.
  • Victory Saber (2004)
Japanese ID number: RM-17
Star Saber was also available in a two-pack with the Robot Masters version of Victory Leo, with whom he could still combine to form Victory Saber in both jet and robot modes. The two figures in this pack featured a more metallic paint job than their standard releases.
  • Victory Saber (eHobby exclusive, 2005)
An "evil recolor" of the Victory Saber two-pack complete with Decepticon symbols, this black, purple, teal and bronze redeco represents the two heroes in "optical camouflage" paint jobs for use on an undercover mission to investigate Decepticon dealings in the Middle East black market.


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