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Star Saber is the Supreme Commander of the Autobots during the Victory era of the Generation One continuity family.
G1 Star Saber art variant

Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs!

Leader of the Autobots, Star Saber belongs to the subgroup known as the Brainmasters. He is also an excellent swordsman and he is very protective of his adopted human son, Jean, though not protective enough to forbid him from running around the battlefield without any armor or defensive weaponry.

In either jet or robot mode, Star Saber is capable of linking up with Victory Leo to become Victory Saber. In this form, Star Saber's speed and power are greatly enhanced, but at times, Victory Leo's savage personality can override his calm and collected nature.

His catchphrase is "Let's say go!", possibly a pun on "Let's seigō" (整合), meaning "Let's coordinate/integrate."[1]


Victory cartoon

Voice actor: Hideyuki Tanaka (Japan)

Star Saber is in reality Saber, wealthy 'Bot about town.

Star Saber is apparently nigh-legendary and is considered the greatest swordsman in the universe.

As Supreme Commander, Star Saber has come to Earth in order to track down Deathsaurus, who has become the number one threat to space. Meanwhile, God Ginrai and his forces (which include the Godmasters), battle against Overlord and his troops. Deathsaurus is pleased by the fact that Star Saber himself has had to come to face him, as it is acknowledgment that he is now the most dangerous Decepticon alive. He is also eager to settle scores with Star Saber, and it is clear that there is bad blood between the two. In their earlier battles, Star Saber is able to fight off Deathsaurus with relative ease, even though Deathsaurus himself rarely dirties his hands.

It is revealed later that when Star Saber was simply a commander (as opposed to Supreme Commander), he learned that Deathsaurus had constructed a gigantic space fortress in his bid to be named Emperor of Destruction. Leading an Autobot army, Star Saber engaged Deathsaurus's forces in deep space in a violent battle. While the armies fought, Autobot strike teams sabotaged the fortress, draining it of energy and causing it to fall into the Dark Nebula.


Cute and Cuddly Defender of the Universe.

Star Saber and his Autobot forces are successful for much of 2025, but eventually, the Decepticons start inflicting hard blows. One of the first is struck by the Breastforce, who reveal their combined form of Liokaiser and damage Star Saber before being driven off by God Ginrai and the threat of further Autobot reinforcements. Their attack leaves Star Saber barely able to stand after the fight. Shortly thereafter, Deathsaurus, roused to fighting fury by the memory of his fortress's defeat, battles and nearly kills Star Saber. Star Saber is only saved by the fact that Deathsaurus has already expended much of his energy trying to reactivate his fortress, forcing the Decepticon to retreat. An ambush led by Deathsaurus not long after severely wounds Star Saber and mortally cripples God Ginrai. Despite God Ginrai's rebirth into Victory Leo, it is a severe blow to Autobot morale, and the unstable Victory Leo has to prove himself to the others. The final blow results in the successful capture of enough energy to reactivate the Decepticon space fortress.

Victory saber

Doesn't die and resurrect nearly as much as Optimus Prime.

After Deathsaurus abandons the blindly loyal Dinoforce, the bitter Dinoforce commander informs the Autobots about the fortress's weak point. Star Saber leads an assault on the mighty vessel and defeats his arch-enemy Deathsaurus in a final duel. The fortress is destroyed by the Autobots after a hard-fought battle, and Deathsaurus curses Star Saber before vanishing into the very Dark Nebula from which he'd fought so hard to free his fortress.

While initially appearing to have been consumed by the fortress's destruction, Star Saber and Victory Leo emerge from its ashes, victorious as their name.

Note: According to the song played over the closing credits of the show, Star Saber never snack food or wet the bed and got scolded for it — or did he? (the animation clearly shows his child mode doing the things he denied) — but was, in fact, once a kid, just like you and me. Why he would need to eat, sleep, or urinate in the first place is unclear, but we swear we are not making this up.

Victory manga


"Warrior of Love: Star Saber!" Yes, that's the actual title of the issue.

During the final battle, as Deathsaurus's fortress attacks the Earth, it is Deathsaurus himself, not Liokaiser, who battles Star Saber in space. Leozack, then, is able to take his treachery to the ultimate extreme by turning the fortress's power on Deathsaurus, and Deathsaurus cripples the craft with his cannon as Star Saber takes Leozack down. Then the wounded Deathsaurus reveals the true reason he has quested to liberate the fortress from the Dark Nebula: It is home to the Decepticons' families and civilians. As the shocked Autobots discover this, Deathsaurus's wife, Esmeryl, Leozack's sister and the Dinoforce's children appear. Deathsaurus and Star Saber then make peace, shaking hands and vowing to work together for the betterment of the Transformer race.

His kid went to school with Deathsaurus's kid. The majority of the conflict can be summarized as "My dad can beat up your dad!"

Zone cartoon

Voice actor: Hideyuki Tanaka (Japan)
Victorysaber feminia destruction

Alright, who ordered the barbecued Victory Saber extra fresh?

Some time after the defeat of Deathsaurus, the supernatural entity known as Violen Jiger took control of the Decepticon forces and amassed an army of Nine Great Demon Generals from Decepticon history. When these generals attacked the planet Feminia, Star Saber and Victory Leo merged into Victory Saber and headed for the planet with Galaxy Shuttle and the Rescue Patrol Team to do what they could for the inhabitants. Victory Saber saved a native boy named Cain from falling into a pit of lava as the ground beneath his feet collapsed, and got him to the Galaxy Shuttle in time to evacuate, but he was unable to get to safety himself, and was caught in the planet's explosion and feared dead by his troops.

Two-and-a-half months later, Victory Saber's body was discovered floating in space, badly damaged but alive, by the Autobot Powered Masters Dai Atlas and Sonic Bomber. They brought him to planet Zone for medical treatment, before heading on to Earth to defeat the Demon Generals that were in the process of attacking the planet. Impressed by Dai Atlas's skill in battle, Star Saber held a ceremony to appoint Dai Atlas the new Supreme Commander of the Autobots. Enter the New Supreme Commander, Dai Atlas!

Robot Masters

Following Gigant Bomb back through time, Star Saber and Victory Leo joined forces with the present-day Autobots to defeat the Decepticon fugitive and remove his soltarium.

Pack-in comics


Star Saber found himself in a aerial duel with Starscream. He was nearly killed, but Optimus Prime intervened and saved him.

Online mini-comics



  • Star Saber (1989)
Japanese ID number: C-324
G1 Saber toy


Star Saber transforms into a large red, blue and white Cybertronic spacecraft and a base. The forward section of the spacecraft, Saber, can detach from the larger spacecraft body (known by itself as the V-Star) to form a smaller red fighter. Saber is the Brainmaster component of Star Saber, forming the latter's chest and face when combined in robot mode with the larger spacecraft body. Saber has his own Brainmaster figure, Yukio, who can ride inside his cockpit while Saber is in vehicle mode and inside his chest (becoming his face when the chest door closes) when Saber is in robot mode. Saber is armed with a large grey rifle and a shoulder-mounted shield formed out of his fighter nosecone.
G1 StarSaber toy


As noted above, when the larger spacecraft transforms into robot mode, Saber folds over his legs and sits inside the larger robot's chest. A helmet on the large spacecraft fits over Saber's head, and together they form Star Saber. Star Saber is armed with Saber's rifle as well as his Saberblade, whose hilt is formed out of Saber's cockpit/shield. The long, silver blade itself stores in a slot on Star Saber's back.
Star Saber can further combine with Victory Leo to form Victory Saber in both vehicle and super robot modes. (see below).
  • Victory Saber (Multi-pack, 1989)
Japanese ID number: C-328
G1 VictorySaber toy


The Victory Saber gift set is a two-pack of Star Saber and Victory Leo. In Victory Saber vehicle mode, Victory Leo transforms into a compacted version of his fighter mode and connects into the rear between Star Saber's engines/legs, forming a huge-ass space ship.
For Victory Saber robot mode, Victory Leo basically splits up into multiple parts, with most of Leo's body becoming platform shoes for Star Saber and the rest of him forming a giant backpack/weapons system from hell. As Victory Saber, the Star Saber robot is armed with his sword, the backpack's weapons and Victory Leo's huge-ass cannon, which can fire projectiles.

Mega SCF

  • Star Saber (2002)
G1 MegaSCF StarSaber


Mega SCF Star Saber is a five inch tall posable PVC action figure. While he cannot transform, he can combine with Mega SCF Victory Leo to form Victory Saber. He comes with his Saberblade, two sets of hands (right hand that can hold his sword and left hand with a clenched fist; right and left hands open in a pose) and two sets of heads (his Star Saber helmet and Saber's head).

Robot Masters

  • Star Saber (2004)
Japanese ID number: RM-15
RobotMasters StarSaber toy

Travel size!

RobotMasters VictorySaber toy

Economy size!

A smaller, simplified version of the Star Saber toy, the Robot Masters version of the figure eliminates the base mode and Saber's Brainmaster component, Yukio. As he was based closely upon the original toy without significant (or any) improvements to the basic design, he has limited Generation One-era articulation. His plastic is reportedly of poor quality.
As with the larger original toy, he can combine with Victory Leo to form Victory Saber.
  • Victory Saber (2004)
Japanese ID number: RM-17
Star Saber was also available in a two-pack with the Robot Masters version of Victory Leo, with whom he could still combine to form Victory Saber in both jet and robot modes. The two figures in this pack featured a more metallic paint job than their standard releases.
  • Victory Saber (eHobby exclusive, 2005)
An "evil recolor" of the Victory Saber two-pack complete with Decepticon symbols, this black, purple, teal and bronze redeco represents the two heroes in "optical camouflage" paint jobs for use on an undercover mission to investigate Decepticon dealings in the Middle East black market.


  1. As seen in print on Chapter 9, page 8 of the Victory manga, though it may have been canon only within the manga.


  • Despite being a popular character; Star Saber has yet to appear in any other media.
  • When Star Saber first deactivated Deathsaurus's space city he knew exactly how to disable it. When it was activated a second time, he didn't seem to have even the slightest clue how to stop it.

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