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The name or term Star Saber refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Star Saber (disambiguation).

The Star Saber is a weapon in the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Star Saber! Give me sight beyond sight!

The Star Saber is a weapon created by the combination of the Mini-Con Air Defense Mini-Con Team. It is among the most powerful weapons in all existence: the only known defense against it is the Skyboom shield, though which would give first has yet to be determined. It is also unknown if the Star Saber packs more destructive power than the Requiem Blaster... but that's all really academic anyway. The point is, the Star Saber can slice and dice pretty much anything within reach, and don't you forget it. The Star Saber was also the first of the 3 minicon weapons in armada to be formed, with the first "combinator" of the 3 mini-cons being Megatron.

In the hands of those with evil minds, the sword itself sometimes becomes tainted, forming the Dark Saber.


Armada cartoon[]

Dreamwave comics continuity[]

In the Dreamwave comics, the very concept of the Star Saber is coined by Megatron and it is under his ministrations that the Air Defense team develops this ability to combine. As a result, Megatron is the only individual to wield the Star Saber, and it only appears in its "evil" colors in spite of never being referred to as the Dark Saber.

After escaping Megatron, the Air Defense team do not form the Star Saber again until the Decepticon leader's titanic battle against the Herald of Unicron, Galvatron. Their added power allowed Megatron to prevail, and he impaled his dimension-traveling alter-ego with the Mini-Con weapon.

Panini comics continuity[]



  • Air Defense Team (Mini-Con Team, 2002/2003)
Japanese ID number: MM-02

Star Saber

A trio of high-tech jets, Runway, Jetstorm and Sonar can combine to form the Star Saber sword, which can be held by any other Transformer that has 5mm fist-holes. The Team's main body is cast in transparent plastic in order to utilize the light-up-fist gimmicks in Super Mode Optimus Prime and the Takara releases of Hot Shot. Unfortunately, because of the placement of opaque parts and the lack of a continuous light path from handle to tip, the light-up effect is less than successful.
For the Team's Takara release, they were available both as an individual set, and in a multi-pack with Hot Shot.
This mold-set was used to make the Takara Air Assault Mini-Con Team, and remolded to make the Energon Saber, Blizzard Saber, and the Sky Terror Mini-Con Team.
  • Air Defense Micron X-Dimension (Mini-Con Team, 2003)
Japanese ID number: MM-07
A redeco of the Air Defense Team was available in a shorter run in Japan. The X-Dimension Air Defense Team changed the opaque plastics to orange and red, and the paint trim to match. Though fans have dubbed the combined form the "Fire Saber", this name does not appear to be official.
  • Air Defense Micron (Candy toy, 2003)
Available only in individual boxes each with a small bag of sugar-pellet candy, the Kabaya candy toy version of the Team replaced the clear plastics with opaque white. This version is actually a completely new mold-set, with various small differences from the Hasbro/Takara releases.
  • Air Defense Micron (Micron Booster, 2003)
Part of the first Micron Booster set sold only in individual blind-packed boxes, this version of the Team is almost wholly identical to the normal retail release. The only difference is that this version is cast in slightly-sparkly plastic and uses slightly-sparkly paint. The difference is almost unnoticeable unless you look at the two versions side-by-side.
  • Air Assault Team (Mini-Con Team, 2003)
A "tainted by evil" redeco of the Team released by Hasbro, this version of the trio replaces the transparent plastic with opaque off-white, the other colors turning predominantly black and purple.
This coloration was altered for the Takara Air Assault Mini-Con Team, who are separate characters from the Air Defense Team.
  • Air Defense Micron Anime Color (Mini-Con Team, 2003)
Cast entirely in blue and clear-blue plastics, this incarnation of the Team is supposed to represent the Star Saber as it appears in the cartoon, with a glowing blue "energy blade". It was only available as a pack-in with the CD single of the Micron Legend cartoon ending theme, "Never Ending Road".


  • Star Saber (Role-play toy, 2003)
  • Dark Saber (Role-play toy, 2003)
Two versions of the same mold in different colors (even with different paint application layouts), the role-play version of the Star Saber / Dark Saber is a toy blade about thirteen inches long. Swinging the toy causes electronic "whooshing" sounds followed by a "clank" of metal-on-metal; the Mini-Con sigil also lights up. Pulling down on the tailfin in the middle of the blade portion swings up a pair of clear-plastic "energy" blades to surround the main one, as well as activating power-up noises. In this form (which is not appreciably longer than the other), swinging the toy produces a more impressive-sounding "crashing" noise after the "whoosh".
  • Convoy Super Mode (Super Collection Figure, 2003)
A special "chase" version of the Super Mode Armada Optimus Prime PVC figurine, from "ACT-10" of the Super Collection Figure series, holds the Star Saber rather than his normal hand-cannon.
  • Convoy Normal Mode (Mega Super Collection Figure, 2003)
MSCF ID number: TF-12
The non-super-mode version of MSCF Armada Optimus Prime comes with a large Star Saber accessory: its blade is mainly detail-less clear-blue plastic to resemble its cartoon appearance.


  • In the English-language dub of the Energon animated series, the Energon Sword forged from Megatron's spark is mistakenly referred to as the Star Saber on one occasion. For God's sake.
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