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The Star Harvester is a gigantic Energon harvesting machine.

OK guys, lets build a pyramid over it!

The interior of a Star Harvester. Nothing special.


Revenge of the Fallen

Ancient times

In the time of the Dynasty of Primes, the seven leaders of the Transformers race sought to preserve their race by finding a sun capable of providing the Energon to power the Allspark. Once the order was given, several Seekers traveled far from Cybertron to seek out a target sun, and for several years they searched the galaxy for the one, but even in the vast expanse of space with the billions of stars littering the skies, one could not be found. That is, until one Seeker came upon a solar system orbiting a sun which is capable of creating Energon.

Once word got back, the Primes set out to this unknown world with an army of Constructicons and had them begin construction of a Star Harvester. Once the machine was complete, the Dynasty were about to place the Matrix inside to activate it when, to their surprise, a race of intelligent primitives approached the Transformers when they hunted a tiger. With this revelation, the Primes did not turn the Harvester on, as its existence violated their one rule when setting out: Never destroy a sun sustaining some sort of life.

However, one of their number, who valued strength above all else, openly broke the pack and stole the Matrix of Leadership from the Primes. A great battle was fought between The Fallen and his turncoat followers, and the last six Primes. In the battle, the Primes fought to reach The Fallen to prevent him from activating the Harvester. Once they reached The Fallen, they ambushed him, incapacitating him long enough for them to take back the Matrix and hide it.

After the Fallen was sealed away, humanity would then build a pyramid over the deactivated Sun Harvester, forgotten to all but The Fallen.

Present day

In the present, the new Decepticons launched an assault, and in that battle Megatron ordered Devastator to disengage from Skids and Mudflap to uncover the stone covering the Sun Harvester. Devastator succeeded in exposing it, but was destroyed by a rail gun strike before he could do anymore.

Once the top of the device was exposed, the Fallen took the Matrix one last time and used it to arm the machine. When the human military turned their force upon the machine, Megatron, and the Fallen, the Fallen used his telekinesis upon the human army, lifting them upon the pyramids and casting them down, as well as creating a blockade of debris against several jets, destroying at least one of them. Before the Harvester could fire, an augmented Optimus Prime broke past The Fallen's stone ring blockade, tackled the former Prime off the device and fired off one last critical shot, destroying the Star Harvester, saving humanity.


  • It is also known as the Sun Harvester
  • In some of the games, comics, books, and other continuities, this machine is called the Star Harvester.
  • The names "Star Harvester" or "Star Harvester" were NEVER used in the movie. It is simply referred as "the machine".
  • In the comic adaptation of the film Devastator was able to unearth more of the Harvester, similar to how it look in the opening with the Primitive Hunters and the Prime Dynasty's army vs The Fallen's army.
  • Also in the prequel comic to Dark of the Moon and some parts of the camp in Africa of the film parts of the Harvester were seen as equipment to stand Megatron's base and help the Hatchings food rations.
  • In the PS2 and Wii versions of the game, the Star Harvester was a machine that "grew up" from the pyramid and started to "suck" the sky. Megatron dared to tell told that the Harvester was doing its job.
  • Also, in those game versions, Jetfire was sent to Earth to deactivate the Harvester and to watch over the Matrix of Leadership, knowing its location. In the movie, he only remembers his mission and some of the details. Hmmm... virtual distortion...