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Stanford Merriweather is a human in the Hearts of Steel portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Stanford Merriweather is a "robber baron" (according to Mark Twain) and venture capitalist in the latter part of the 19th Century. He also participates in anti-Decepticon activities. He lives in San Francisco, and has a daughter, Kitty Merriweather.


IDW Hearts of Steel continuity

Merriweather is the principal investor (possibly the only investor) in Tobias Muldoon's "sub-marine" project. When the submarine sinks, Merriweather is outraged, and puts Muldoon to work washing dishes in the kitchen of a hotel he owns. Hearts of Steel issue 1

Muldoon later shows up on Merriweather's doorstep, claiming to be fleeing evil mechanical giants. Merriweather is about to send him away, when Merriweather's houseguest, Mark Twain, says he would like to hear Muldoon's story. Hearts of Steel issue 2 After Muldoon has told his tale, Merriweather still thinks he's delirious, until Ravage crashes into the house. Muldoon protects Merriweather and his daughter, and Twain manages to dispose of Ravage. Merriweather has a complete change of heart, and promises to help Muldoon with his vast influence, including calling out the Army. They set out in Merriweather's private train to intercept the Decepticons in their progress toward New York aboard Astrotrain. Hearts of Steel issue 3

When the Army fails to stop Astrotrain, Merriweather lends a hand shoveling coal, in the hope that they personally can stop the Decepticons. They catch up, and are nearly bombed by Scourge. Muldoon's first thoughts during the bombing are to protect Kitty, and Merriweather blesses their romance. He is trapped in a train tunnel by Decepticon bombs and shelling, but is later rescued by John Henry. Hearts of Steel issue 4

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