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Krazy stones in krazy language I kan'tz read lolz!

The Standing Stones is a Vok facility on ancient Earth.


Beast Wars cartoon

Shortly after arriving on prehistoric Earth, the Maximals notice a strange formation of rocks. Rhinox observes that neither Maximals nor Predacons had built it. Beast Wars (Part 2)

The Maximals later investigate the monument. Rhinox confirms that it is not a natural rock formation. During the course of their investigation, they discover an energon crystal in the center of the formation. Rattrap worries that the energon feels like bait. As the Maximals move to retrieve the crystal, the Predacons arrive and a brief skirmish ensues, ended when the energon crystal is hit by a stray shot. Rather than the blast they expect, the crystal sends a signal into space. With the crystal destroyed, both sides withdraw.

Invasion of the Pod Bots

Some time later, an alien probe emerges from Transwarp Space and enters the atmosphere. Both sides head to the Standing Stones to intercept it, though the Predacons think it is a stasis pod. Optimus Primal and Dinobot confront Megatron and Waspinator, but when they transform and begin to battle the Probe puts out an energy burst. Primal vanishes and the other are rendered unconscious and returned to their respective bases.

Though without a body, Primal's consciousness contacts the other Maximals from within the probe. Following a confrontation with the Predacons, the Maximals return to the Standing Stones with a device designed to extract Optimus from the probe. The Predacons anticipate this move and attack them at the Standing Stones. Rhinox's device does not function correctly, but when Waspinator is blasted into one of the stones they all begin to glow. Rhinox comes to the conclusion that the entire structure is a single device even as the probe recreates Primal's form. The Predacons are driven off, but the probe dematerializes before the Maximals can decide what to do with it. Rhinox muses that the aliens now know that the beast warriors possess reason and destructive capabilities, while Dinobot wonders why the aliens want to know. Chain of Command


  • The Standing Stones are based on the actual monument of Stonehenge.