This article is about Stampy, the Beast Wars Neo Maximal. For the Autobot member of the Magnificent Six, see Stampede.

Stampy is a Maximal from the Beast Wars Neo section of the Beast Era.


Stampy (スタンピー, Sutanpī) is young, cute and... well, not the bravest Transformer around. In fact, he's a huge coward, which greatly frustrates his teammates. When he's not scared slagless at the thought of his next mission, this rabbit Transformer is quite cheerful and well liked, which makes others eager to help him overcome his fears.

Stampy loves his mother very much and carries her picture around with him in a locket (what a mamma's boy). His favorite food is space carrots.

Despite his youth and cowardice, he's an excellent scout. His innate speed and extremely sensitive ears make him perfect for gathering intelligence and getting the info (and himself) back to base in one piece. (The way he most definitely prefers it.)

Note: Given the inherent ambiguities of the Japanese katakana that makes up Stampy's name, there exists the outside possibility that his name is actually "Stumpy".


Beast Wars Neo cartoon

Voice actor: Mika Ishibashi (Japanese)

Beast Wars Neo manga

Stampy is a part of a whole sub-race of rabbit Transformers and even has a mother. Their planet was first colonized by Tasmania Kid. All other members of Stampy's race wear clothes, but he doesn't.

While on a search for the Angolmois energy capsules, he fell in love with a jellyfish Transformer named Rage. Although his duties forced him to leave her, he promised to return.


Stampy was part of the coalition army that fought back the Quintesson invasion of the recently reformatted technorganic Cybertron. He and Slapper leapt onto an escaping dropship and planted bombs on it, leaping to safety before the exploded and brought the ship back down to the surface. Wreckers: Finale Part II

Note: Stampy is not directly named in this appearance, being described only as a white rabbit.

Later, Stampy was part of the crowd of Maximals that had gathered to welcome the returning Autobots to Cybertron. Rook all but shoved him out of the way to get close for an interview with the returning heroes. Abduction

IDW Beast Wars comics

Stampy is part of Lio Convoy's elite special operations unit, the Pack. He travels with them to prehistoric earth to rescue Razorbeast and co. He's very eager to get down there and try out his new rabbit beast form. This "bounding" exuberance, quite predictably, gets on Longrack's nerves. When they reach their destination and take on the Predacons, Stampy is seen to handle Manta Ray and Scavenger quite handily. The Ascending issue 2

Break and Stampy

What crowd?

After trouncing Spittor as well, Stampy acted as a cheerleader of sorts when the Pack joined with the other Earthbound Maximals in restraining the Angolmois-infected Razorbeast. He later eagerly asked Lio Convoy what he should do when the Pack's commander was giving out orders. Lio simply ignored him. The Ascending issue 3

When he returned to Cybertron to help battle Shokaract, his tail caught fire as he escaped from the wreckage of the Pack's downed transwarp cruiser. During the fight with Shokaract, he transformed into his Targetmaster mode and was wielded by Longrack. The Ascending issue 4


Beast Wars Neo

  • Stampy (Basic, 1999)
Japanese ID number: C-31
  • Stampy Vs Sling (Multi-pack, 1999)
Japanese ID number: VS-31

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