This article is about the Generation One Predator. For the human member of G.I. Joe, see Stalker (G.I. Joe).

Stalker is a Decepticon from the Generation One continuity family.
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"Could I BE wearing any more neon?"

Stalker is the Predators' communications specialist. The only land-based member of the team, he is a master of the double bluff and thrives on causing confusion among his enemies. It's his job to keep the Predators' communiques from being intercepted by their Turbomaster foes, but he also takes a cruel pleasure in using his 'Garble' comms systems to scramble the Autobots' own signals.

"Hate till it hurts and then hate some more"
―Stalker on the subject of hate

French name (Canada): Traqueur


Toy catalogue comic


Wait, what am I shooting from again?

Stalker finally clashed with his Turbomaster rival, the legendary Rotorstorm. He declared that the Autobot should prepare to die, then fired his arm blasters.

IDW comics

Millions of years ago, Stalker worked with Skyquake and Clench during the deathmatch sports of Kaon, at the time Megatron first entered the tournaments. Megatron Origin

He also liked to play amateur surgeon.


Generation One

  • Stalker (Medium Predator, 1993)
    • Accessories: Missile launcher, radar, 5 missiles
Stalker transforms in to a four-tracked satellite station and rocket launcher and is equipped with a missile launcher, usable in both modes. His rocket also serves as his Megavisor scope, but also features its own slide, showing a schematic vehicle mode image of Rotorstorm.
This mold was used to make both the Machine Wars and Universe versions of Soundwave.


  • Stalker's Megavisor slide is labeled with several text pointers, some of which are Easter eggs of sorts. The labels read "TAK-A-RA", "MA-R-VEL", "YO-KE" and "AUG-U-SA".

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