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Specifics: fictional appearances

Squeezeplay doesn't draw much of a line between sabotage and devastation. He considers himself an unstoppable engine of destruction, and will charge into any situation without regards to safety. He's not an idiot -- he's merely harnessed the tactical advantages of brute force and intimidation. As Squeezeplay figures it, he is strong enough, tough enough, and fierce enough to plow through most battlefield fortifications and opponents without much damage, so...why not simply do that?

His Nebulan partner, Lokos, was a smuggler and air pirate on his home planet before joining the Decepticons. His relationship with Squeezeplay is two-fold. On the one hand, Lokos was always a creative and crafty criminal, and so he tries to get Squeezeplay to use his head more in combat. On the other hand, though, he recognizes the sheer brutal effectiveness of his partner's methods, and so more often than not is comfortable just to let Squeezeplay have his fun.

Why mess with what works?


Marvel comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Squeezeplay worked with his partners Horri-Bull and Fangry in manipulating a group of human bounty hunters called the Roadjammers into capturing the Autobots for them. Unfortunately, the Roadjammers discovered that their human partners were actually robots in disguise, and the plan fell through before they could successfully terminate any Autobots. Ca$h and Car-Nage!

When the Decepticons under Scorponok and Ratbat came to blows with one another, Squeezeplay led the charge against their foes along with Rippersnapper, Sinnertwin and Horri-Bull. Cold War! Sometime later, he was with Scorponok's army when they were transferred to Cybertron in time to battle Unicron and his hordes. The Void! He survived, and was part of Bludgeon's warriors when they stormed and eliminated the population of the planet Klo. The Last Autobot? Squeezeplay was one of many Decepticons who tried and failed to disable Optimus Prime after he arrived on Klo with the Last Autobot. When the Autobots reorganized with the Neo-Knights for a counter-offensive, Squeezeplay was blasted with considerable power by the humans Rapture and Dynamo. End of the Road!

Note: Squeezeplay's origin is unknown. He was not one of the original Nebulan-bonded Decepticon Headmasters, so either Zarak recruited more Nebulan partners for the Decepticons behind-the-scenes in Headmasters #4, or returned to Nebulos for a recruitment drive at some later date.

Marvel UK future timelines

In 1995, Squeezeplay and his fellow Headmasters joined Shockwave in attacking the Autobots at a feminism rally. He and Fangry double-teamed Jazz, and then all the Decepticons joined up against Optimus Prime. However, Squeezeplay was then shot in the back by the new Autobot warrior, Arcee. Prime's Rib!

Dreamwave comics continuity

Squeezeplay is briefly seen as a member of Starscream's Predacons during the Dark Ages, fighting off a raid by the Lightning Strike Coalition. The War Within: The Dark Ages


Generation One

  • Squeezeplay (Headmaster, 1988)
    • Accessories: Lokos Headmaster unit, tail/shield, gun

Craaab people...Craaab people...Taste like crab...Talk like people...

Squeezeplay allegedly has a "crab mode", but it's more like a bipedal creature grew out of the underside of a crab, and wears the crustacean as a hat. His tail detaches into a handheld shield...mace...gun...whatever. There is a compartment which allows Squeezeplay to store Lokos in his tummy. (Yum!) It hinges, most unfortunately, at his groin.
In robot mode, like all Headmaster toys, Squeezeplay has a panel on his chest which houses a spring-loaded mini-Tech-Spec-meter which gives readouts for Speed, Strength and Intelligence. The tumbler is activated when Lokos (or any other Headmaster unit) is plugged into his neck socket.
As a smaller Headmaster Squeezeplay's power meter is on a single tumbler -- so any head plugged into Squeezeplay will result in the same stats. His small size also robbed him of the door that usually hides the tech spec meters on larger Headmasters. As a final indignity, Lokos has Squeezeplay's face plainly visible on his back again because he didn't get the flip-down panel of the 1987 Headmasters... or a bucket seat to sit in like the Autobots from 1988.
This mold was released in Japan without changes as Cancer.

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