Spychangers to the Rescue is the fourth episode of Transformers: Robots in Disguise. It first aired in the United States on September 13, 2001 on Fox Kids.




Under the cover of darkness, the Predacon trio try to steal the Plutonium Energy Generator, but Optimus Prime and the Autobot brothers stand in their way, so the Predacons retreat. (Don't worry, there's more to the episode than just that.) Koji wakes up to the sound of a honking horn. He rushes outside and greets his friend Carl and Carl's father. The three leave for a biking trip. The plutonium energy generator is loaded onto a truck and transported across the city. The Autobot brothers follow closely behind the generator. Side Burn develops a mild fear of the elements inside the generator that would be harmful to Transformers, but Prowl keeps his brother in line. Traffic slows down due to Slapper's hacking the systems used to control the highways. The Autobots suspect something is afoot, but stay in position. Koji and company are also stuck in traffic, as is Kelly. The Predacons leap through traffic, approaching the truck carrying the precious generator. The Predacons steal the energy generator off of the truck while the present Autobots are busy transforming. Because the traffic prevents the Autobots from firing, T-AI deploys the Spychangers. Hot Shot, R.E.V. and Crosswise reveal themselves to the Predacons, who decide to retreat with the generator rather than to stay and fight. Naturally, the Spychangers give chase. The Predacons leap off the highway and into the water, and the three Spychangers follow and transform on the beach. The Predacons knock the three down using their lasers, but help comes to the three Autobots in the form of W.A.R.S., Ironhide, and Mirage. The six soldiers dizzy the Predacons by literally running circles around them. But in the fight, the generator is dropped and rolls out of the sea into the grasp of Sky-Byte. Slapper and Gas Skunk retreat with the generator, but the battle escalates further with the arrival of Prime and the Autobot brothers. However, Prime decides to let the Spychangers handle the Predacons on their own. On the verge of being beaten, Sky-Byte decides that he can at least prevent the Autobots from getting the generator—by destroying it. The Spychangers leap to block his Tsunami Cannon. With all six Spychangers harmed by the blast, the Predacons grab the generator and get away. As the four regular Autobots regret the loss, the Spychangers laugh and reveal that in the confusion, they hid the generator under a piece of cloth and left the Predacons to run off with a... In the Predacon base, Megatron is pleased. But his pleasure turns sour when he tries to activate the generator and instead finds a mocking statue. Koji and Carl, having finally gotten out of traffic, enjoy a bike race together.


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  • Carl (9)
  • Carl's father (10)


Written by: Richard Epcar

Notable quotes

"You know, sometimes, that Autobot worries me."

Optimus Prime, on Side Burn

Side Burn: Listen, bro, I'm not feeling very well. I have to go see my mechanic.
(Prowl rear-ends Side Burn)
Prowl: You'll feel a lot worse if you don't get back in line!
Side Burn: Hey, cut it out! Can I go return a video now? Otherwise they'll charge me a late fee.
Prowl and X-Brawn: The answer is no!!

—Side Burn fails miserably at getting out of his assignment.


  • The Spychangers, unlike the other Autobots, don't recognize Sky-Byte.
  • Shouldn't the Autobot brothers have been able to stop the Predacons from stealing the energy generator being right in front and behind it?
  • When Slapper runs to catch up with the other Predacons, he is holding the back of the generator. When the Spychangers come in, he is holding the front.

Real-world references

  • X-Brawn mentions that he's traveling down "Osaka Boulevard".








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