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Spy Streak is a Vehicon in Beast Machines portion of the Generation One/Beast Era continuity family.

Spy Streak doesn't have much of a personality, but he certainly is tenacious. "Retreat" is a term he is unfamiliar with. Specialized armor, flying skill and armament assures he is able to hold his own in most fights he finds himself in.

To be fair, he has no hands, just a missile launcher and a giant clamp. His career options were pretty limited.


Universe: The Wreckers

Spystreak wreckers

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Spy Streak was a Vehicon general created by Megatron to help establish air superiority in the fight against the ever-growing number of Maximals, Wreckers, and other insurgents on Cybertron.

Megatron sent Spy Streak and his stealth drones to fight alongside Mirage, Scavenger, Blastcharge, and Quake Vehicon drones to guard an old Autobot shuttle from the Wreckers, who wished to use it to get offworld. Spy Streak's drones proved to be inferior to the Decepticons Cyclonus and Skywarp and the Predacon Rotorbolt, and the Wreckers soon had control of the sky.

As the battle drew to a close and the Wreckers boarded the shuttle, Spy Streak was pinned under some debris after a shot from Arcee. He could only look on in horror and disbelief as the shuttle blasted off, and the complex was consumed by a gigantic explosion from a bomb left by Cyclonus. Spy Streak was presumably destroyed in the blast. Departure


Beast Machines


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  • Spy Streak (Basic, 2001)
    • Accessories: 2 missiles
Spy Streak is an olive, red and yellow Cybertronic jet, with a shape similar to a "Blackbird"-style stealth fighter. He includes two firing missiles and a clamp mechanism making up a good portion of the front half of the mode. As Spy Streak was released in the "Battle for the Spark" portion of the Beast Machines toyline, his spark crystal and its housing are used to activate his gimmicks.
The Beast Machines mold was used for Nightcruz, redecoed in black, white and yellow, and again for Fireflight, redecoed in white, blue, and red.


  • Inexplicably, Spy Streak was originally solicited by retailers (such as Big Bad Toystore) as Attack Bird.

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