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The Spy Changers are a group of mostly Autobots across several continuity families.
Russian name: Nevidimki (Невидимки, "Team Invisibles")

The first group of Spy Changers were a special team of Autobot stealth ninjas (sort of like Prowl in Transformers Animated). They had the abilities to drive along almost any surface, turn invisible, and phase through solid objects.


Robots in Disguise animated continuity

The six Spy Changers — Crosswise, Hot Shot, Ironhide, Mirage, R.E.V., and W.A.R.S. — aid Optimus Prime on Earth in his battle against Megatron. Although they were highly intelligent, unfortunately they weren't very strong in a head on fight (the comic relief trio of Gas Skunk, Slapper, and Dark Scream gave them trouble). Spychangers to the Rescue Hope for the Future


The Trans-dimensional Go-Bots used their unique Transporter and Bio-mechanical technologies to help produce the newest Generation of Transformers. The Spy Changers were among them.

Note: This is probably a reference to the G2 Go-Bots who share the same molds as the Spy-Changers, but to our knowledge, the Spy-Changers and the G2 Go-Bots are from two distinct Universes, thus making the entire concept really really confusing.


Robots in Disguise

Spy Changers are small 1:64-scale cars with axles designed in the style of "Matchbox" and "Hot Wheels" cars. Spy Changers were first introduced in the Robots in Disguise continuity. The first group were redecos of the Generation 2 Go-bots, then several unreleased Go-bots and a few new molds based on larger RiD toys were added to expand the offerings.

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