When he enters a battlefield, the only difference between the ferocious Sprocket and a Decepticon is the Autobot symbol barely visible beneath the thick, steaming spray of his enemies' vital fluids. Sprocket specializes in quick and decisive violence. He enters combat with a fervor few robots in any army could match, and he's never taken a prisoner. This would all make him a spectacular front-line fighter if an oversight by the harried Autobot command hadn't assigned him to do surveillance ahead. Still, he does surprisingly well, always being sure to report back exactly what those he eviscerated were working on before he reached them.

His Attack Cruiser helps in his thirst for slagging some Decepticons.


IDW comics continuity

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Sprocket was an Autobot soldier stationed at the penal facility Garrus-9 under Fortress Maximus's command. He was injured in the assault by Banzai-Tron and the Decepticon Secret Service, and was seen being supported by Rollout. Spotlight: Arcee


Generation One

  • Sprocket (Action Master, 1990)
    • Accessories: Attack cruiser vehicle, 2 missiles
Sprocket toy

Alrighty, Sprocket, now show me one of these "Fraggles" you keep seeing...

As an Action Master, Sprocket himself does not transform, though his body shows hints of a Cybertronic aircraft. However, his two-seat Attack Cruiser jeep can transform into a helicopter with a very small rotor and tail. The missiles on the vehicle can be held backwards as very long rifles, though it's quite possible he flies backwards every time he fires them.



Ah also will!

  • Sprocket's only appearance anywhere for eighteen years was in the original Action Masters commercial, as one of the Autobots encircling Optimus Prime who answer his call to become "stronger, faster, more alive."

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