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Springer' is an Autobot from the Revenge of the Fallen portion of the live-action continuity family.


Springer is an unfortunate Autobot, in a fight he, pretty much, only has his formidable brute force to rely on. That might be considered a disadvantage, he's only risen to the middle rank of the Autobots forces, he is really a drill sergeant for training new Autobot recruits. He's still very clever. He uses his intelligence with terrifying results, thinking of new ways to surprise Decepticons. This has given him the motherboard of all reputations, said reputation makes him sound more monstrous, fierce and stubborn then he really is. He also has quite a combat record, and a huge Decepticon kill rate.


Titan Magazines

In Monument Valley, Utah. Springer is training the regular crew of Jolt, Dune Runner, and Rollbar.

Three days later, at the Alamo, San Antonio, Texas. Tankor has taken hostages and N.E.S.T., along with Springer are trying to get them out alive. Rollbar, Jolt and Dune Runner then arrive. Springer transforms and takes off, trying to attack from above as a distraction. Tankor tries in vein to shoot him down. On the ground, the others manage to break in. As they do, Dirge arrives and starts to attack. Jolt transforms and drives off. Dirge launches two missiles at Springer, he manages to shot one down, but the other strikes his wing, sending him spiraling down to the ground. Jolt sees Tankor taking aim at Springer, he manages to lasso Tankor's barrel and pull it towards Dirge as he's about to fire. The shot rips through Dirge's wing, he evacuates. The Autobots then take Tankor in to custody. Rules of engagement


  • Springer (Legends, 2009)
Springer Transforms into a small, Green and Grey Osprey transport vehicle.
  • Springer with Starscream (Robot Heroes, 2009)
Springer is now a robot heroes figure, and therefore has limited articulation. He is sold with Starscream.


The concept art for Osprey, who later become Springer.

  • Springer's concept art, Osprey, looks a lot like Blazemaster's final design.
  • Like Blackout and Grindor, Springer likes using his rotor blades as a weapon.

You will be whole again. I promise.
I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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