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Specifics: Cartoon series, other comic appearances.

The name or term Springer refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Springer (disambiguation).

Springer is the archetypical action hero: great in a fight, unselfconsciously brave, confident, and always ready with a dead-pan sarcastic quip to lighten the moment. Someone you can depend on to ride in, save the day and be smug about it.

Springer prefers fighting solo (Ha!) and lending a hand to friends where he can. Though his easy self-confidence is one of his most notable features, actually being responsible for others weighs heavily upon his otherwise jocular personality. Nonetheless, Springer ascended to lead the Wreckers in many continuities. He has twice been named as Rodimus Prime's successor to take the Matrix of Leadership and lead the Autobots, though neither one actually came to pass.

Springer combines the thrusting power of his legs with his retro thrusters to move rapidly through the battlefield, leaping tall structures in a single bound. Although he is quite speedy, he is not faster than a speeding bullet.

"I've got better things to do tonight than die."
―Springer in the defense of Autobot City[[The Transformers: The Movie| [src]]]

Italian name: Bora
French name (Canada): Ricochet
Japanese name: Sprang or Sprung[1] (スプラング, su-pu-ra-n-gu)
Hungarian name: Szökkenő (exact translation)



Marvel Comics continuity

Generation One

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

This trinity's going to war!

Springer was a member of the Wreckers commando squad, originally meant (with the other Triple Changers) to substitute for Ultra Magnus in Operation: Volcano, and could 'spring' forwards really far. He first met the squad leader Impactor by beating him up while pretending to be a Decepticon, Emirate Xaaron feeling this would be the best way to sell Springer's skills to Impactor. Target: 2006 It appears to have made an impact, as when Impactor died it was discovered he had named Springer as his successor.

He felt unworthy of the role and suffered from worries that he couldn't handle it, worries made worse when Kalis was overrun by the undead, the Wreckers were captured, and Springer had to face Impactor's zombie! Unable to blast his old comrade, Springer instead succeeded in getting Impactor's mind to resurface, allowing him to carry on to meet up with Ultra Magnus' team. Legion of the Lost! Alongside a host of allies, Springer helped end the zombie threat. Meltdown!

[[Image:Uk203 cover detail.jpg|thumb|right|200px|"Oh, you okay? Let me help you up..." SMACK!

That done, it was time for the main mission: Take the Wreckers to Earth to face Galvatron. Unfortunately, by accident they found themselves sent by the Space Bridge to a human city, and the fight against Galvatron began causing major destruction and endangerment of human life. Springer quickly decided to take the fight out of the city, pretending he'd captured Galvatron's time-jump device and leading Scourge and Cyclonus away from the humans. Springer led the Wreckers back to Cybertron with the intent of returning for Galvatron later. Wrecking Havoc! Unfortunately, that "later" was the Time Wars. Even with the support of the Decepticon Mayhem Attack Squad, the Wreckers were massacred, with Springer's order to retreat and fight a running battle doing nothing to stop the slaughter. However, Springer's heroism impressed Mayhem leader Carnivac so much he disobeyed his orders to kill the surviving Autobots; the two also saved each other's life during the battle. Time Wars

Left stranded on Earth, Springer and the other Time Wars survivors decided to band together as the eponymous Survivors after a proposal from Carnivac. Springer was originally reluctant but soon became the leader of that group too. Survivors! Carnivac eventually chafed under his leadership, whacked Springer one, and then left—right when the new Mayhems were arriving to kill him! Way of the Warrior Springer was convinced by the others to go to Carnivac's aid, but while Carnivac was saved, Catilla was killed. A Savage Place!

Note: These stories do not fit into the normal Marvel continuity. See Earthforce for details.

Springer wanted to wait for the Mayhem Attack Squad to make the first mistake before seeking vengeance for Catilla, but Carnivac couldn't wait. He set off on his own to enact his revenge. Without time to formulate a decent plan, Springer realized the Survivors would need raw numbers to defeat the Mayhems, and that meant dealing with Grimlock and Earthforce. Asking for help to save a Decepticon...Springer ruminated that Grimlock was likely to declare them all traitors on the spot. Wolf in the Fold! Still, they went to Earthforce, pledging the Survivors' allegiance in return for them helping rescue Carnivac. They were successful, and half the Mayhems were captured while the other half died at Carnivac's hands. Where Wolf? Soon thereafter, Springer led his men against Starscream, protecting a human oil tanker in the Gulf of Mexico. Divide and Conquer!

Marvel UK future timelines

In 2008, Springer was briefly seen among a massive melee between the Autobots and Decepticons on Cybertron. The Legacy of Unicron!

In one future, set in the year 2510, the war with the Decepticons finally came to a conclusion. Springer led his Wreckers into battle in Cybertron's northern hemisphere, wiping out the last of the remaining Decepticon warriors. When Rodimus Prime officially declared the war over, he decided to nominate Springer to carry on the Matrix for him. Tragically, however, things wouldn't be that simple. A deep-cover Decepticon named Triton stirred up trouble at the meeting by declaring Ultra Magnus a better choice for the new Autobot leader. His antics led to a brawl between Springer's Wreckers and the Technobots, who favored Ultra Magnus. Although Triton was killed in the fight, it was too late: the war began again, this time with Autobot vs. Autobot. Peace

Another Time and Place

When Grimlock and the Dinobots rushed off half-cocked searching for a cure for Nucleon on Hydrus Four, it was up to the Autobots to bail them out of trouble when they were caught by the Decepticons. Working with a small group (including Prowl, Nightbeat, Ironhide and Blaster) Springer caught the Decepticon Fangry alone and pulled him into the sea. Before he could fight back, Springer used a thermal knife to amputate both of his arms, leaving the Headmaster helpless against his Autobot attackers.

Cold, Springer. Awesome, but cold. Another Time and Place

Generation 2

Hey, Marvel US, it's me!

When the Cybertronian Empire ambushed the Autobots on the planet Ethos, Springer was in charge of a squad consisting of former Wreckers buddies Inferno and Broadside, Inferno's buddy Smokescreen, and Ironhide. Although Springer warned his squad to stay close together, Smokescreen broke formation, resulting in his death and the injuring of Ironhide. Smokescreen's death caused Inferno to lose his temper, and he subsequently also died despite Springer's warnings. Escalation!

Springer later helped lay Sky Sniper mines on Earth, in preparation for a final stand against the coming of the Swarm. A Rage in Heaven!

Classics comic

Note: The Classics story takes place in a post-Marvel Generation One comics universe where the UK Marvel Comics and the Generation 2 mini-series did not happen, thus negating all of Springer's previous appearances in comic continuity. For all effects and purposes he gets a totally fresh start.

Springer's the one who doesn't know how binoculars work. Well, one of them, anyway.

Springer seems to be much more of a loner, never having been part of the Wreckers, and having mainly worked alone against the Decepticons until after Bludgeon's defeat on Klo. Fearing the end of the conflict that was so important to him, he was eager to sign on with Grimlock's crew.

Springer is head of security for Grimlock's Decepticon hunters on the Graviton. Games of Deception

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Neil Ross (English), Kenyu Horiuchi (Japanese), Willi Röbke (German), Frank Muth (German, The Transformers: The Movie)


Little is known about Springer's life prior to the Battle of Autobot City in 2005. He fought bravely in the conflict, helping transform the city into its heavily-armed, armored fortress configuration, and later using an oversized piece of artillery to bombard Devastator. Afterwards, when Unicron made his existence known to the Autobots by destroying two of Cybertron's moons, Springer was among those who left Earth aboard a shuttle to stop the Chaos-Bringer somehow. The ship Springer was aboard crashlanded on the planet Junk, where a battle erupted between the Autobots and the native Junkions, during which Springer dueled with the Junkion chieftain, Wreck-Gar. Later still, he and the other Autobots wound up inside Unicron himself, where Springer and the others desperately fought off Unicron's internal defenses. Luckily, just as one of the defensive claws was about to crush him, Hot Rod opened the Matrix of Leadership just in time, destroying Unicron and becoming Rodimus Prime. The Transformers: The Movie

A year later, Springer attended the first Galactic Olympics alongside his fellow Autobots. Unfortunately, the festivities were interrupted by an alien mercenary who turned the Olympic torch into a giant flash/smoke grenade, and then a battalion of Sharkticons attacked. Springer was able to douse the torch from the air, but by then, the attackers had already fled, having captured Ultra Magnus, Kup and Spike Witwicky. Springer immediately volunteered to track the escaped alien saboteur, and was joined by Arcee. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 1, Five Faces of Darkness, Part 2

They followed their quarry to his strange base ship, an asteroid-like spacecraft referred to as a "Rockaroid". The mercenary fled after misleading his pursuers into believing that the Decepticons were behind the attack, and Springer was fortunately able to pilot his ship (barely). Springer flew the Rockaroid to the distant planet Chaar, where he arrived just in time to save Rodimus Prime and Grimlock from being beaten to scrap by a mob of Decepticons. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 3

Later, a badly-damaged Rodimus prepared to pass the Matrix on to Springer in anticipation of his imminent demise. Fortunately, the Autobot leader did not die, but rather experienced the Cybertronian equivalent of a near-death experience, wherein his "life force" left his body to embark on a very trippy (and poorly animated) trip into the Matrix itself. Immediately afterwards, Springer participated in a daring rescue mission to save Ultra Magnus and the others, before winding up on Goo#8379B, where he was disassembled by the planet's mobile garbage disposal unit. Fortunately, he was rebuilt and restored to life by the Junkions. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 4, Five Faces of Darkness, Part 5, Fight or Flee

Springer also helped the Autobots foil Starscream's plot involving Unicron's head. Ghost in the Machine

Springer and his fellow Autobots also went into Daniel's mind to find the source of his nightmares, even if it meant teaming up with Razorclaw. Nightmare Planet, Webworld

Springer, along with Ultra Magnus, Kup, Cyclonus, Scourge and the Sweeps were all turned into energy vampires by an overgrown leech called the Dweller. The Dweller in the Depths

Springer, Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus and Arcee had their sparks placed into synthetic human bodies by a crime lord named Victor Drath with the help of a certain terrorist. Only Human

Springer helps Ultra Magnus coax an overburdened Rodimus Prime. The Burden Hardest to Bear

Springer vowed revenge against the Quintessons for murdering Hot Rod, Kup, Ultra Magnus, Spike Witwicky, Daniel, and especially Arcee after a resurrected Optimus Prime lied to the Autobots.

Nothing else happened with Springer when Optimus came back to life. Dark Awakening

The Headmasters anime

Despite the appearances of most of his other Transformers 2010 compatriots (including Arcee, Hot Rod, Kup, Blurr, Wreck-Gar, Goldbug, and Wheelie), Springer himself is nowhere to be seen and is never mentioned in The Headmasters. It is therefore unclear whether he perhaps met his untimely demise, continued fighting alongside the other Headmasters in the background as the Throttlebots and Dinobots seemed to be doing, or perhaps went on to join Rodimus Prime's expedition to find a new home for the Autobots. The status of his relationship to Arcee is even more unclear, though suggestions of interest between her and Chromedome may indicate that she has slightly more interest in kissing a Wookie. Four Warriors Come out of the Sky

Springer does in fact show up very briefly with his fellow Triple Changers in one of the first episodes of The Headmasters. He does not have any pivotal role or lines, but he is there. Operation Cassette

Dreamwave comics continuity

After Optimus Prime disappeared along with Megatron in a test of the space bridge, Springer broke off from the Autobot army and formed the Wreckers. They usually targeted Ratbat's Ultracons, continually halting their efforts to take over the Tagan Heights. Eventually, Ratbat secured the aid of the Constructicons, who had been declared non-aligned along with the rest of the Combiner teams by the Crisis Intervention Accords, and unleashed Devastator on the Wreckers, but was soon countered by Defensor. Springer chastised the Protectobots for allowing themselves to battle Devastator in the Tagan Heights, and risk causing an accident which could potentially move Cybertron from its orbit. However, he changed his mind once Devastator started bending his helicopter blades. Fortunately, the Protectobots managed to defeat Devastator, saving Springer. The War Within: The Dark Ages

After the Great Shutdown, the Autobots and Decepticons formed an alliance to jointly control Cybertron. Apparently as a symbol of this alliance, Springer was the first Transformer augmented by Shockwave's Triple Changer process to be given two alternate modes instead of one. Despite this "honor", Springer was highly suspicious of the new world order. While his fellow Wreckers remained agents of the establishment, working for Ultra Magnus, Springer went underground and joined the Autobot resistance movement founded by Kup and Hot Rod. Cold War Working with the newly returned crew of the Ark, the resistance managed to shore up support for their cause, and staged an insurrection that brought down Shockwave's control of Cybertron, putting him on the run and regaining control of the planet for the Autobots. Revelation

With Ultra Magnus back in charge of Cybertron, Springer began working closely with the female Autobot, Arcee, much to Hot Rod's chagrin. The Route of All Evil

IDW comics continuity

The Wreckers don't have go on about that, do they?

Springer is the leader of the Wreckers. Again. The Wreckers function as an elite tactical unit—instead of operating on a single world or mission, they go wherever they're needed, performing special combat missions or reinforcing counter-infiltration teams in the later Phases of the Decepticon infiltration protocols.

Ebeneezer Kup!

Springer wasn't always the leader of the Wreckers. Once he was just another trooper under the Wrecker's original commander, Impactor. He was innocent and wide eyed, a good soldier but an awful blaster silencer.

On the planet Varas Centralus, Springer was coordinating the counter-offensive against a Phase Six Decepticon siege bunker when he got the call from Optimus Prime that Thunderwing might be active again on Cybertron. Cutting off the battle, Springer brought his Wreckers back to the homeworld and joined Prime in assaulting Thunderhead Pass, bringing down the cult of Thunderwing and its leader, Bludgeon. After that, all they had to do was defeat the undefeatable Thunderwing himself. Thanks to the side effects of the Ultra-Energon powering the monster, and a little unexpected help from the Decepticon battleship Thanatos, Springer and the others managed to do just that. Stormbringer

Not long thereafter, Springer excused himself from actively leading the Wreckers when he heard his old mentor Kup had finally been found, after being MIA for some time. Rescue conditions were hardly ideal, however: the planet the old warhorse was stuck on was permeated with highly unstable energy crystals which produced massive amounts of debilitating radiation and a single spark might set off an explosive chain reaction that would destroy the planet. Kup, meanwhile, had somehow survived exposure to this environment, yet had gone over the brink of madness, attacking the Autobot teams that beamed down to retrieve him because their thick radiation armors made them appear monstrous to his eyes. Despite these complications, Springer insisted rescue efforts continue, even after many Autobots were destroyed in the attempt. Finally, Trailbreaker arrived as a defensive specialist, and used his force field to block the radiation and get Kup to recognize him. Kup was brought in for repairs, and Springer returned to the Wreckers. Spotlight: Kup

Later, Springer, along with Autobots across the galaxy, watched an Autobot news report heralding the miraculous return of Blaster. Spotlight: Blaster

Springer and the Wreckers were called in once again to battle Thunderwing when he was found guarding a cave on planet Corata-Vaz. Spotlight: Cyclonus They didn't have much luck. Spotlight: Hardhead

Overlord made himself a Springer mask, made from 100% pure Springer. Obviously Springer didn't mind as he never objected, though the coma might have something to do with that. Last Stand of the Wreckers #5

Universe: The Wreckers

Not long after the signing of the Pax Cybertronia, Springer attempted (fruitlessly) to cheer up Arcee, who had become severely depressed following the death of her surrogate son and Headmaster companion Daniel Witwicky. Afterward, he and Hot Rod, now called simply "Rodimus", both checked out and later underwent the Maximal Upgrade.

Note: In this continuity, Springer is apparently at least a member of the Wreckers, as he is seen bearing their distinctive insignia in his brief appearance.


Generation One

Three totally different modes

  • Springer (1986/1991)
    • Japanese ID number: C-84
    • Accessories: "Light saber" rotor blade, "laser" rifle
Springer was one of three Autobot Triple Changers. He transforms from a robot to a futuristic armored car to a helicopter that doesn't look terribly different from the car. In robot mode, his articulation is limited entirely to his arms. Strangely, Springer's face is monochromatic. His copter rotor blades snap together to form a sword.
Very early releases of Springer had a die-cast metal chestplate which was then changed to plastic in subsequent releases. When he was released in the European Classics line in 1991, he retained the plastic chest.


  • Springer (Deluxe, 2007)
    • Accessories: Sword, Cybertron-planet Autobot Cyber Key

[[Image:Springerbotcontoy.jpg|thumb|left|200px|Suffers from vestigial JaAm cravings.]]

Sold together in a bag with Huffer and their instructions, keys and bio cards, Springer is a Classics-themed BotCon 2007 attendee exclusive. A paint-heavy redeco of the Cybertron Defense Hot Shot toy using green and grey as the base colors, Springer transforms into a modified M1117 Guardian Armored Security Vehicle. When Springer's Cyber Planet Key is inserted into the back of the turret, the two gun barrels open up into dual (non-firing) missile launchers. Compartments on his shoulders and his thighs can also open up to reveal additional missile launchers. He also comes with a dagger that stows between his legs in vehicle mode; when he's in robot mode, the dagger can be hand-held, pegged into the front of his fist, or stored in a sheath on his leg.

Universe (2008)

  • Battle Beneath the Streets (Voyager-Deluxe Comic 2-Pack, 2008)
    • Accessories: Two missiles, Cyber Planet Key

Whatever happened to the whole Triple Changer angle... ?

A Target-exclusive redeco of Cybertron Evac, Springer transforms into a Eurocopter Dauphin rescue helicopter. His rotor blades spin using a geared push-button, which becomes a spinning-blade weapon mounted on his robot mode's left arm. He has an adjustable tow-hook on a string, which retracts with the push of a button: this gimmick ends up on his right robot-mode arm. Inserting a Cyber Planet Key into his back end (backpack in robot mode) swings around a pair of spring-loaded missile launchers. He was available only with Ratbat.
This mold was also used to make Universe Blades.
Packaging Springer with Ratbat is an homage to their rivalry in The Dark Ages. This is further enhanced by having Ratbat possess a humanoid robot mode and jet-like altmode. See above.


  • Autobot Springer (Deluxe, 2012)
  • Accessories: Rocket launchers, Sword.
An Asian market exclusive, this Deluxe version of Springer is a re-paint of Hunt for the Decepticons Tomahawk. He as a re moulded head and comes with the already included rocket launchers, but it also features a new sword.


  • Autobot Springer (Voyager, 2013)
  • Accessories: Sword, Blaster.
Part of the "Thrilling 30" line, this voyager class figure is based more off of Springers appearance in the IDW comics. Like the original, his alt-modes consist of a Helicopter and Armored car.
Like the original, his Helicopter rotor blades become a sword he can wield in robot mode. He can also hold his blaster in robot mode, or it can be mounted in his vehicle modes.
This mold was later heavily re-designed into Sandstorm.


  • The Hasbro design team chose the Evac mold for Universe Springer, because the Botcon 2007 version already had the ground vehicle alternate mode of the original covered, and they wanted to give some attention to the original's helicopter mode.
  • Like Sandstorm and Drift, he has the typical Autobot Triple-changer alternate modes, that of a Helicopter and a ground-based vehicle.


  1. Both are acceptable transliterations.

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In the Special Edition, Wreck-Gar shoots first.