Springer is a Triple Changer Autobot who can transform into both ground and air-based alternate modes. He is also a Wrecker.  


Transformers: Exodus

Springer was the first Transformer known to gain two alternate modes. He was Ultra Magnus' lieutenant in the group known as the Wreckers. Along with the rest of the unit, Springer turned down a place on the Arkin order to hold back Trypticon before it would fly after the ship.

Transformers: Exiles

With the other Autobots gone, Springer and the Wreckers fought valiantly to defend what remained of Iacon from Shockwave's forces. He and Magnus accompanied the scientist Wheeljack to see Alpha Trion, with the proposition that a message be sent to the lost Optimus Prime using a small scale Space Bridge.

Transformers: Prime

Springer was among to Autobots that participated in the Battle at Tyger Pax. After Ultra Magnus was knocked down by Decepticon firepower, Rodimus and Springer fought Megatron direcly to give Ultra Magnus time to recover.

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