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The Transformers: Spotlight, starting in 2006, is an ongoing series of one-shot comics published by IDW Publishing and set in the primary IDW continuity. Each issue focuses on a particular Generation One Transformer. The series was originally only to consist of 5 issues, but has since evolved into an annual set of 5 produced per year (at least through 2008, and not including the Revelation issues).

Transformers: Spotlight issues:
Shockwave | Nightbeat | Hot Rod | Sixshot | Ultra Magnus

Soundwave | Kup | Galvatron | Optimus Prime | Ramjet
Blaster | Arcee | Mirage | Grimlock | Wheelie
Revelation: Cyclonus | Hardhead | Doubledealer | Sideswipe
Blurr | Jazz | Drift | Cliffjumper | Metroplex | Prowl


The Spotlight series is set within the main IDW storyline. The format allows more free-ranging story settings—many issues are set on alien worlds—and serve to give a wider view of the overall IDW Transformers universe. The issues set up future story ideas and plot points for the main IDW miniseries; many have eventually tied-in directly with the main storyline, with others obviously set to do so in the future.

Each issue is told by its titular character, with narrative boxes providing their internal thoughts and reflections on the action. Most of the issues have prominent co-stars, such as the Dynobots in Shockwave's spotlight, and Omega Supreme in Optimus Prime's story.

There is no absolute chronological order for all of the issues. Some, such as Galvatron and Optimus Prime, are set after specific events in the main story; others like Hot Rod and Nightbeat are not so clearly delineated, having happened an unspecified time ago. Still others (Shockwave, Soundwave) are flashbacks to a specific point in the recent or distant past.

Revelation SagaEdit

Main article: Revelation (IDW)

The follow-up to Devastation, Revelation is being played out through four Spotlights, focusing on Cyclonus, Hardhead, Sideswipe and Doubledealer. This four-parter will mark the end of the "-tion" series "for the foreseeable future". [1]

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Collects Shockwave through Ultra Magnus.
Collects Soundwave through Ramjet.
Includes covers art for each issue and bonus art for each issue.
Collects Blaster through Wheelie.
Includes Infiltration, Stormbringer, Escalation and the contents of the first Spotlight collection.

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