Sixshot and his playmates

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Sixshot, an engine of destruction, meets a group just like him.


Sixshot is one of the most feared Decepticons in the galaxy, as well as one of the most powerful. His lethal, emotionless-nature ended up ostracizing him from his fellow Decepticons, and though he wasn't the most social warrior, he did miss the comradery of battle. The closest thing he had to "friends" were the Terrorcons, a troop of Decepticon warriors who envied Sixshot's power and reputation and aspired to one day be as great as he.

While on a mission to the strategically-significant planet Mumu-Obscura, the Terrorcons went missing. After getting the info from Squawkbox, Sixshot set out to rescue his "friends". After arriving, he found Mumu-Obscura to be a dead world, completely razed by a group known as the Reapers. The Reapers, led by Deathbringer, offered the lives of the Terrorcons to Sixshot, could the Decepticon defeat them in battle. Sixshot fought valiantly, though the Reapers proved to just be toying with him.

Eventually, Deathbringer called off the battle and handed over the Terrorcons. The entire fight had been a test and the Reapers were willing to extend membership to Sixshot. The final test for joining, however, would be that Sixshot must sever all sentimental connections to his past and eliminate the Terrorcons. Sixshot could not bring himself to do the deed, though a part of him truly craved being a Reaper. Deathbringer allowed him to leave with the Terrorcons and declared that they would cross paths again, and hopefully then, Sixshot would be ready.


Writer(s): Simon Furman
Art: Rob Ruffolo
Colors: Rob Ruffolo
Letters: Robbie Robbins
Editor(s): Chris Ryall and Dan Taylor
  • Originally published: December 20, 2006

Featured characters

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Items of note

  • Cameos: Crewmen aboard Sixshot's space station include Ransack, Spectro, Squawkbox, Treadshot, and either Pounce or Wingspan.
  • On the first page, Sixshot's guns make a ZARAAAK sound, possibly an in-joke reference to Scorponok's Nebulan partner Mo Zarak who appears in the following Spotlight comic.
  • Aside from appearing on Rob Ruffolo's cover, Sixshot doesn't use his "armored car" mode in this issue.
  • This marks the first time that Simon Furman has used the Sixshot character in his fiction.

Covers (4)

6 toys in one!

  • Cover A: Sixshot with Terrorcons; art by James Raiz
  • Cover B: Sixshot, multiple modes; art by Rob Ruffolo
  • Cover RI-A: cover A, uncolored
  • Cover RI-B: cover B, uncolored


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