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The Transformers: Spotlight > Issue # 2
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Lured by an ancient relic, Nightbeat discovers something sinister...


Nightbeat is an Autobot officer attracted by mystery and enigmas. When a mercenary named Krakon offers him the flight recorder of the Ark (the first Autobot space ship which had disappeared many eons before) he accepts. But when he makes contact, he finds Krakon very dead, his ship intact with all its valuable cargo still there... save the flight recorder. Nightbeat puts himself on the scent, leading him to the remote planet Gorlam Prime, eager to uncover a clue to the mystery of the lost Ark.

After an orbital jump lands him planetside, the detective reformats himself to transform into a local automobile and heads for the nearest city. Oddly, Gorlam's people have a technical development more advanced than the Cybertronians believed them to be; rampant bio-mechanical upgrading of their organic forms and some mysterious excavations, all indicating an external force at work, pushing the society to further evolution.

Upon reaching an excavation site, Nightbeat sends a summary of what he's found so far to his ship as a precaution, then heads in to investigate further. Curiosity and lack of prudence gets the better of him, and he discovers a massive "portal" of an undetermined nature, looking like a sea of silver. Nightbeat is soon surrounded by four smaller Transformers, then some creatures (not visible to our poor readers) exit from the portal. Nightbeat runs for his freedom, but it's ultimately useless; he is chased down and captured by the tiny Transformers.

Nightbeat flashes in and out of consciousness, strapped on an operating table, while Straxus alters his brain [1], placing a cerebral implant into him, configuring him into a sleeper agent.

Later, Nightbeat is on his ship, in his pre-Gorlam body, sweeping the Durzan Sector, with no memory of the events that happened since Krakon contacted him. At that moment, Optimus Prime calls, needing his services on Earth.

Still, Nightbeat can't shake the feeling that he's missing something...


Writer(s): Simon Furman
Art: MD Bright
Colors: John Rauch
Letters: Sulaco Studios
Editor(s): Chris Ryall & Dan Taylor
  • Originally published: October 18, 2006

Featured characters

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Autobots Decepticons Others

Items of note

  • The Micromaster Sports Car Patrol are unnamed in this issue, and have no dialog. However, it's pretty unlikely they aren't who they appear to be.
  • This issue was released with four different covers, including a "sketch" version of the MD Bright cover. For BotCon 2006, IDW sold an exclusive version of the comic with all four covers stapled together as a single thick book. It's worth noting that this multi-cover issue was sold well before the issue hit comic stores.

Covers (4)

  • Cover A: Nightbeat with flashlight by MD Bright and Josh Burcham (colors)
  • Cover RI-A: Nightbeat with an Ark hologram by James Raiz and Josh Burcham (colors)
  • Cover RI-B: Nightbeat and metal sea by Nick Roche and Josh Burcham (colors)
  • BotCon Exclusive Sketch Cover: Uncolored Cover A (front) and B (back)
Spotlight Nightbeat ria

Lose your head, buddy?

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  1. According to the script for Spotlight: Hardhead.
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