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To be, or not to be... a Decepticon.

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Somewhere in the multiverse, Mirage helps win the war for his allies... the Decepticons!


Mirage dreams of an explosion, Hound asking if he is all right, Starscream spearing Optimus Prime, himself injured, and himself in a mirror, and is disturbed that in the dream, he is an Autobot.

Decepticon Mirage awakens and speaks via a comm channel to Megatron, who is waiting for Mirage to deliver his promise of Prime and the Autobots. Mirage bargains for a share in Megatron's energon mining operations to ensure the end of the war.

In the Pegasus Star Cluster, the battered Autobots are out of energon, but Hound is working with Zodiac energy, a source with cross-dimensional properties. Ratchet tends to an injured Jetfire. Bumblebee bypasses the security perimeter, and they open the blast door to let him in. Once in, he blasts the security system, revealing he is actually Mirage in disguise. With security down, the other Decepticons rush in, and the two sides do battle. Soundwave is beheaded by Hound, but Mirage takes Jetfire hostage, saying that he will spare his life if the Autobots surrender. Under initial protest by Hound, Prime surrenders after Mirage guarantees the safety of the others.

Mirage contacts Megatron and informs him of the news. Though Mirage states the Autobots should be treated as prisoners of war, Megatron insists that Mirage kill them or he won't get his payment. As Mirage prepares to spear Hound, Optimus Prime reminds Mirage of his conflict when he joined the Decepticons and how the two of them were friends before the war. Mirage grows angry and kills Hound, enraging Prime, who runs into Mirage and sends him crashing into the Zodiac energy chamber.

Mirage once again has a dream, similar to the one just before, but is disturbed that in the dream, he is a Decepticon. But of course, it is just a dream...


Writer(s): George Strayton
Art: Guido Guidi
Colors: Josh Burcham
Letters: Chris Mowry
Editor(s): Andrew Steven Harris
  • Originally published: March 5, 2008

Featured characters

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Autobots Decepticons


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Items of note

  • Thus far, Mirage has not traveled to Earth in the main IDW storyline; therefore, how and when this issue fits into the IDW continuity is up for debate. Future stories could rectify the discrepancy by having him transferred to Earth; if not, it could be chalked up to the story's what-if nature, which already deals with at least one alternate reality.
  • After the story is an IDWords section about The Reign of Starscream.

Covers (2)

  • Cover A: 3 images of Mirage by Guido Guidi
  • Cover RI: B&W sketch of cover A


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