Cyclonus avenges himself on those he believes responsible for ravaging Cybertron as he prepares for the Expansion.


Cyclonus visits the devastated surface of Cybertron and vows revenge on those who caused its destruction. Meanwhile, the Ark-12, helmed by Hound's crew, is en route to Garrus-9, and Sideswipe argues with Hound that Sunstreaker is being ignored on Earth. They are interrupted by an attack from Cyclonus, and they respond by blasting him with all weapons. The Autobots think that he's been destroyed and continue on their way, but are attacked again and take serious damage.

Ultra Magnus tells Optimus Prime that he's heading to Garrus-9 to follow up on the escaped prisoners, but receives a distress call from Hound and changes course to assist them.

Optimus Prime and Prowl meet with Fortress Maximus and Jetfire on Garrus-9 and discuss both the prisoners' breakout and how a surviving Decepticon has been tortured. Maximus and Jetfire exchange a guilty glance. Prime leaves Maximus in charge and says that he and Prowl have unfinished business aboard the Ark-32. On that ship, Nightbeat discovers that he logged a message during his visit to Gorlam Prime—of which he has no recollection—and asks Hardhead for help.

Ultra Magnus arrives in time to help drive off Cyclonus, and Hound prepares to continue on his mission, but Sideswipe berates him. Meanwhile, on the Decepticon Battle Platform Zuska, Arcee tortures a Decepticon until he agrees to tell her where Banzaitron has taken the gestalts.


Aww, does Bunny want his space carrots?

Cyclonus heads to Corata-Vaz and reveals that the Dead Universe members can only remain outside of their realm for a limited time or face oblivion. Galvatron is the only exception. He makes ready the Nega-Core but hesitates activating the guardian, due to the destruction he caused Cybertron. As he walks out of the cave, however, he's met by Hound's crew and Magnus, who tracked him. Sideswipe goads Cyclonus into attacking, and although he puts up a good fight, seemingly taking out Road Rocket and even deadening Hound's arm, he's brought down by Warpath, and Magnus holds a gun to his head. As a last resort, Cyclonus detaches his hand, which rockets to the cave and activates the guardian—Thunderwing. Using the distraction, Cyclonus escapes, but Magnus sends another tracker after him.

All this is reported to Optimus Prime on the Ark-32, who recognizes this has something to do with his infraspace encounter in Brasnya. He orders Jetfire to summon the Wreckers to find out what Thunderwing is guarding. Elsewhere, in the Benzuli Expanse, Nemesis Prime's Dead Universe crew prepare to bring their plans to fruition.

The Expansion has begun...

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Items of note

  • Cameos: Pretender Monsters (on monitors)
  • When Nightbeat reviews his transmission, his recorded self looks like the way he was drawn in his own Spotlight.


  • Cover A: Cyclonus amongst rubble, first part of 4-issue image by E. J. Su
  • Cover B: Animated-style cover of Cyclonus within Nemesis Prime's wings by Nick Roche
  • Cover RI: B&W sketch of Cyclonus in battle by Nick Roche. The inked and colored image would actually be a flashback scene in Spotlight: Hardhead.
SpotlightCyclonus coverB

I am the terror that flaps in the night...

Spotlight Cyclonus RI

I don't need inks or colors to destroy you!


  • Spotlight: Hardhead
  • Sparrow art books
  • Journey: The Adventures of Wolverine MacAlistaire
  • Angel: After the Fall in IDWords section
  • Star Trek: Mirror Images
  • The Dreamland Chronicles
  • Doctor Who: The Forgotten
  • All Hail Megatron
  • Speed Racer: The Next Generation and other DVDs (back cover)
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