At the end of Cybertron's Golden Age, Blurr must make a choice between being a celebrity or a hero.


In a darkened room, Blurr is being prepped for a race, hooked up to some sort of fueling mechanism. His track 'bots tell him everything is ready, the door opens... and Blurr is away, racing along the track, dodging obstacles and generally going bloody fast. He crosses the laser finish-line, and spectators cheer his name and shout praise.

Back inside, Blurr is told by Minibot Piston, one of his track 'bots, that he has set a new track record...again. A similar-shaped competitor brags that it won't stand long, to which Blurr says to check the boards (referring to the red 'bot as Fasttrack) and see who's aced all the championships. Piston gives the answer: "You, Blurr." (Suck-up.) Blurr refers to him as Parton, using that stupid prick mannerism of getting someone's name wrong all the time. Piston says that they should celebrate, but Blurr interrupts him, saying that celebration does not describe what they will do tonight. Fasttrack comes up, high-fiving Blurr and saying they'll all go to 'The Circle', a trendy nightclub. Him and Blurr walk off (Elvis has left the building, people.). One of Piston's fellow 'bots reminds him that 'bots like them can't get into The Circle.

At the entrance to The Circle, Blurr and Fasttrack are hemmed in with supporters. A media 'bot stops Blurr, asking him for an opinion on the current political unrest, to which Blurr replies that he doesn't' know what the 'bot's talking about. He continues walking into The Circle. At the bar inside, Blurr and co. are getting over-energized on Energon. Fasttrack notices some spaced-out 'bots hooked up to a 'simultronic' - a reality inside reality. Blurr dismisses it, wondering why anyone would want to run from a world like this. They continue drinking...

...Elsewhere, an enormous explosion takes out a considerable chunk of the racetrack, debris flying into the surrounding buildings.

At the entrance with Fasttrack, Blurr is arguing with a grey 'bot similar to Kup, protesting at the closure of the races, to which the 'bot replies that the order comes straight from Zeta Prime, and that its about some political terrorist threat. Blurr leaves Fasttrack, going into the training room where he meets Piston, who has gathered his belongings and is shipping out. Blurr tries to make him stay, but Piston says he is going to fight. He pulls out a card bearing the Autobot sigil. He tries to persuade Blurr to join him, which leads to Blurr's abrupt refusal. Piston walks off, wishing his former employer luck.

Blurr is driven back to The Circle,where he gets a bottle of Energon and sits at one of the tables. He looks at the simultronic hook-up, and seems to be about to try it, when he is stopped by a Cybertronian-mode Starscream.'Screamer chats Blurr up, asking him what he cares about, to which Blurr replies,'Racing.' But then He says that he loves the crowds, when he can feel them behind him, and that in that moment he knows what he does is worthwhile. Starscream concludes from this that he loves power, and gives him a lecture on how strong and devoted he is., and to join him and his group. Screamer holds out a card similar to Piston's, bearing the Decepticon sigil. Blurr mistakes Starscream's group for the Autobots, and Starscream tells him that he (Blurr) still felt hollow after the races, and that he'll know what to do. Screamer exits.

Walking out of the bar, Blurr transforms and drives down the road...where an explosion resounds in front of him, making him fall back. He is suddenly pinned down by Ironhide. Him and several Autobots are fired upon by a group of 'Cons, and they doge into the ruins of a building. Two corpses are seen in the ruins, the first one Blurr's friend Fasttrack, bearing a Decepticon sigil; and Piston, the Autobot logo on his chest. Blurr stands over Piston, and is joined by an un-faceplated Optimus Prime (sporting a Cybertronian mode differing to that in Stormbringer). Optimus had met Piston briefly, and deduces that Blurr's a racer, and his 'kind' are a special breed. Blurr snaps that he's fed up with 'bots telling him who/what he is. Kup walks up, saying that Optimus is wasting his time on this 'pampered, arrogant little upstart'. Blurr mouths off at the old 'bot, but Optimus says that he's wrong (partially), and that Blurr has the talent to process life/death decisions at lightning speed. Blurr acts like a prick, but Optimus continues to praise him. Kup tells Optimus to get a move on, 'cos they need to save Zeta Prime. Optimus tells Blurr that they need to warn Zeta, but they need him, but no-one else is fast enough. Blurr wants to keep his old ways, but Optimus gives him the million-dollar question: what's he going to do. He says that Blurr's real reason for doing the races was to constantly inspire others, and that Blurr can still be an inspiration, Blurr asks who Optimus is, to which he replies that he's just a soldier... like Blurr. Blurr looks at the Autobot card (where'd that come from?), then speeds off. Optimus and Kup watch him, and Kup asks Optimus if he really thinks 'that little trinket' has got what it takes.

Blurr races on, the thought panels echoing his conversation with Starscream in the bar, about what he really cares about. Blurr crashes into the Decepticons, sending Skywarp flying into the air. He zips around, with Screamer pointing and the other 'Cons shooting at Blurr, having little effect. In the last panel, as Blurr races toward Zeta Prime's citadel, the bubble says,'That one single moment when I know what I'm doing really matters.'

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Items of note

  • Cameos: On page 2, when Blurr runs out, several indistinct cameos of significant bots are seen. At the top level of the stands is Optronix/ Orion quise Optimus, and Starscream next to him, arms folded. Third level down are Sunstreaker and Sideswipe with his arm round his bro. Directly below them is Jazz, holding his arm up in cheer. And, at the bottom right, is possibly Blaster, who has a blue tape cover bit instead of yellow. The green armored transport used to chauffeur Blurr to his parties may possibly be the first out-of-Animated appearance of Bulkhead. Then again, it might not. Ironhide, who saves Blurr from Decepticon fire. Skywarp, who is thrown into the air after Blurr runs into him.
  • The comic was originally scheduled for release in November 2008, but was moved to January 2009 for reasons yet unknown. Then it turned up at stores the end of November.

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