The Sports Car Patrol is a team of Decepticon Micromasters from the Generation One continuity family.

The Sports Car Patrol is the Decepticons' road clearance unit. They speed ahead of the main fighting forces and clear a route for the following ground forces, which basically means to destroy everything in their path. (Why, however, it should be necessary to have four small Micromasters clearing a route for robots like, let's say, Quake, Brawl or Bombshock, surely remains another question...)

The Sports Car Patrol consists of:


Marvel Comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

After studying the captive Autobot Battle Patrol, Thunderwing and his scientists managed to replicate Emirate Xaaron's Micromaster process and create a new era of Decepticon Micromasters, the Sports Car Patrol being the second team created. A Small War!

While traveling solo in the Dead End, Sports Car Patrol leader Blackjack was jumped by two Autobots, when a disorientated and damaged Megatron stumbled upon them. Blackjack crying out his name and the sight of the Autobrand returned Megatron to his senses, and he blasted the Micromasters' attackers. The Sports Car Patrol became Megatron's first recruits in his plans to rebuild his power base on Cybertron and gain revenge against Decepticon and Autobot alike on Earth. The Resurrection Gambit! Using the trans-time dimensional portal, the patrol infiltrated the Ark, and Blackjack attempted to destabilize Ratchet mentally by remote-controlling the remains of the deactivated Autobots on which the medic was working. When this failed, the patrol attempted Plan B, coming out into the open with fake Autobot insignia and trying convince Ratchet into believing they were Autobots on their way back to Cybertron, leading him not to advanced medical equipment but into Megatron's clutches. Back from the Dead!

While the remainder of the patrol traveled back to Cybertron with Ratchet, Blackjack stayed behind to dispatch the skeleton crew aboard the Ark and rig explosives to blow it up. but crusty old Kup reactivated and startled him, causing the Micromaster to drop the triggering mechanism for the explosives, starting the countdown. All the Familiar Faces!. Meanwhile, on Cybertron Ratchet eventually outsmarted Megatron and reactivated his buddies (Jazz, Grimlock, and Bumblebee) as Pretenders, the Sports Car Patrol and the Decepticon Powermasters had a running battle with the Autobots, giving the Autobot medic time to use the trans-time dimensional portal to transport the explosives aboard the Ark to Megatron's base. The battle took both Micromasters, Pretenders and Powermasters outside the base and, luckily, out of range of the massive explosion which leveled the entire complex. The Sports Car Patrol presumably survived, but were never seen again. Skin Deep

Dreamwave comics continuity

All four members of the Sports Car Patrol were among the Micromasters created by the Autobots and Decepticons in a joint venture prior to the Great Shutdown. They were present at the events caused by Skystalker and Skyhopper. It should be noted that they neither belonged to the Decepticons (instead being neutral like most other Micromasters in this continuity) nor seemed to form a coherent unit, instead acting mainly as individuals, not showing any closer relation to their intended teammates than to any other Micromaster. Therefore, it appears arguable if a unit called the Sports Car Patrol actually existed. Micromaster

IDW comics continuity

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The Sports Car Patrol are highly advanced warriors in the service of their masters in the Dead Universe. They ran afoul of Nightbeat on Gorlam Prime while protecting the "hole in the world". The patrol captured the inquisitive Autobot and subjected him to an unknown procedure before letting him go. Spotlight: Nightbeat

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When Nightbeat figured out something was wrong, he returned to Gorlam Prime with Hardhead. The Sports Car Patrol and many other Micromasters attacked Hardhead but strangely avoided Nightbeat. When Nightbeat's brain implant was later activated by Jhiaxus, they joined him in an attempt to destroy Hardhead. Spotlight: Hardhead


Generation One

  • Sports Car Patrol (Micromaster Patrol, 1989)

The Sports Car Patrol were sold in a carded 4-pack.

This mold-set was redecoed to make the Japanese Super Car Patrol Team.

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