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This article is about the Beast Wars character. For the Transformers Animated character, see Spittor (Animated).

Spittor is a typical Predacon toady, full of arrogance, overconfidence, and, most of all, stupidity. His arsenal of poisons more deadly than a Cybertron razor snake, however, make him a force to be reckoned with when he can focus his anger. One touch of his membranous skin can pump enough toxins into a Maximal to drive them to dementia, and then he can head-butt them into submission with his tongue.

Yes, "toady". We went there.

Italian name: Anfibus[1]
French name (Canada): Krachin


3H comics

3H Spittor Sonar

He gets beat up, regardless of continuity.

Even after Optimus Primal and Megatron had left prehistoric Earth, there was still war to be waged. Tarantulas and Ravage, both surprisingly not dead, gathered a small army. They harvested Predacons from the Maximal stasis pods left behind. One of these Predacons was a Transmetal 2 Spittor. He would fire the first shot in this new altercation, scuffling with the also-not-dead Tigatron and Airazor. Primeval Dawn Part 2

Sometime later, Spittor must have made peace with the Maximals, because he returned to Cybertron along with his former enemies, Primal Prime, Tigatron, and Ramulus. As a member of the Wreckers, he fought Megatron's control of Cybertron.

Shortly after the Wreckers rescued Optimus Primal and Nightscream from some Tank Drones, they were assigned a vague mission by the Oracle. Spittor, Primal Prime, and Fractyl met up with Rodimus and Arcee (Spittor playfully annoying Fractyl along the way). They then rendezvoused with the others. After a fierce battle with some Vehicons, the group boards an Autobot shuttle. Departure

Shortly after takeoff, however, Spittor and some others were ambushed by Devcon. Rodimus convinced the former peace marshal to calm down, and Spittor went off to recuperate. Not long after the scuffle, the section of the ship holding Spittor, Sonar, and the Deployers suffered an explosion. Packrat chose to detonate that section rather than risk the whole ship's destruction. Thus, Spittor's life was cut short. Betrayal

IDW Beast Wars comics

IDW Spittor


Magmatron recruited Spittor, along with Transquito, Drill Bit, Iguanus, Manterror, and Razorbeast to journey through time and use the abandoned stasis pods on prehistoric Earth to build an army and take over Cybertron. Upon arrival, Magmatron sent the others to watch over the stasis pods as they were activated. While the rest of his teammates witnessed the births of new Predacons, Spittor did not. He got to greet Polar Claw, a Maximal, who summarily squashed Spittor. The Gathering #1

Because of this, Razorbeast, who had activated the pods, was revealed as a Maximal spy. More Maximals spilled forth, and a new Beast War was at hand. While the rest of the new Predacon army sought to quell the new Maximal army, Drill Bit and Spittor, along with Magmatron, hunted down Razorbeast. Spittor got the drop on Ramulus, using his poison tongue to knock the mountain-dwelling Maximal off a cliff. The Gathering #2

Later, when the Predacons located the Maximal base, Spittor was among the attackers. He and his cohorts had their enemies outnumbered, but a new squad of Maximals arrived just in time. Spittor was easily thwarted by a sweep of Torca's tusks. The Gathering #4

Some time later, Spittor participated in an all-out assault on the Maximal base with his fellow Earthbound Predacons, now led by Ravage. Sadly, Spittor once again fell victim to the terrible tusks of Torca. The Ascending #1 As the tide began to turn in the Predacons' favor, Spittor managed to taste the sweetness of victory at long last. It was a small taste, however, as he was summarily stomped on and ripped in half by Grimlock. The Ascending #2

He managed to remain in the fight, but after the Pack arrived, he was stomped on by Stampy. The Ascending #3

While Ravage departed for Cybertron with a number of Maximal and Predacon troops to battle Shokaract, Spittor remained on Earth, watching the Angolmois-infected Razorbeast battle the Blendtrons Elephorca and Drancron. When Ramulus tried to rally the Maximals and Predacons into battle, Spittor was apathetic, but ended up participating anyway. At first tackling Elephorca, he moved on to team up with Lazorbeak to knock Drancron onto Rartorata's deadly stinger. Spittor's finest hour was brief, alas, as the resulting explosion consumed the Blendtrons, Lazorbeak, and himself. The Ascending #4

Note: Despite Spittor's apparent demise fighting the Blendtrons, his Beast Wars Sourcebook entry claims that somewhere down the road, he will be upgraded to his Transmetal 2 body. So...yeah. Maybe he wasn't quite dead yet.


Beast Wars


  • Spittor (Basic, 1997)
Spittor transforms into an organic "poison arrow" frog. The frog form can launch the spring-loaded robot-mode head from its mouth. This gimmick is also available in robot mode, which is really kinda creepy. It is also plainly the crappiest weapon concept of all time.
This mold was used to make Diver and Transmetal Spittor.


  • Spittor (Video pack-in, 1998)
A European-market-only release, the original Spittor toy was redeco of the original Spittor toy in red and black, with gold "mechanical" detailing to make it—according to its packaging—a Transmetal.


  • Spittor (Basic, 1999)
    • Accessories: Tongue-mace
Spittor transforms into a techno-organic "monstrous" Transmetal 2 frog. The beast mode tongue acts as a hand-held flail weapon for robot mode. It also has a flip-up claw on his toad back, ending up on his left shoulder in robot mode. His spark crystal is located on the roof of his frog mode's mouth.
This mold was used to make Robots in Disguise Slapper.


  • In the areas that received the European trilingual English/Spanish/Italian cardback, Spittor's toy was sold as a Maximal (on the packaging), whereas his "energon chip" remained that of a Predacon. Goes to prove, then, that you can "rub energon chip to reveal true allegiance!" (Of course, his "video-pack" Transmetal and Transmetal II toys were sold as Predacons, so his ruse doesn't seem to have lasted very long.)
  • Spittor was not originally going to be part of the 3H Wreckers team. His place was intended for "Gūshar", the Japanese Car Robots character who uses the Transmetal 2 Spittor mold. However, when Car Robots was sold by Hasbro as Robots in Disguise and Gūshar renamed "Slapper", 3H replaced him with Spittor.
  • Concept art for IDW's Beast Wars: The Gathering comics reveal that Spittor's Cybertronian alt mode is a bipedal walker mechanoid of some type with an acid-shooting gun.


  1. This name only seems to have been used on the cross-sell for the English/Spanish/Italian "video-pack" release of Airazor. The name is not used on Spittor's own cardback, nor on the cardbacks for "video-pack" Transmetal Spittor or Transmetal II Spittor.

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