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Spittor is a disgusting creature, even to other Decepticons. While both lazy and a liar, Spittor constantly slobbers his oozing slime and spreads his foul stench everywhere. His alternate mode is a bipedal all terrain walker form that somewhat resembles a frog. In this form, he lashes out tongue-like cables that grab his victims, pulling them into his mouth-like structure. Once swallowed, his victims are either digested, or coated in combustible slime. If the latter occurs, his prey is then expectorated, and explodes upon impact.


Transformers Animated cartoon

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Perhaps he evolved from the Robo-Smasher?

Spittor sabotaged Rodimus's group on the asteroid holding a space bridge with Decepticon group Team Chaar. He swallowed Red Alert, and shot her back out at Ironhide, Hot Shot, and Brawn, who she was on a team with. TransWarped


  • While his jaw resembles Bulkhead's, Spittor's powers and facial appearance resemble Upchuck from the Ben 10 series. Not to mention that Ben 10000 and Ben 10 Evolution has a character called Spittor who has a very similar power.
  • Spittor's body design was used as the basis for the animated Slapper, which Derrick J. Wyatt used among other characters for an April Fools' Day image on his blog.[1] Compared to Spittor, Slapper has a greater resemblance to Bulkhead.
  • Spittor has two vehicle modes: a frog-like creature and a tank-like vehicle.
  • Transformers Animated Spittor

This is a handcrafted toy,that turns into a frog,with orange stink.

Like Cyclonus, Spittor didn't say a word.


You will be whole again. I promise.
I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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