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Spinister is mysterious...terribly mysterious. He can not cut guns in half with his mind, though he has been known to wield a gun that separates into two Nebulans. These dumb stubbies are Singe and Hairsplitter, if this really matters to anyone.

This grim air warrior seems far more independent of mind than the common Decepticon, though he doesn't go in for the outright mutiny for which Starscream is noted. When he spots unrecognized potential in the Decepticon ranks, however, he may well bring the would-be warrior under his tutelage without the knowledge or permission of his superior officers.

A closed book to the Decepticons, Spinister is a dark menace to his Autobot enemies. Often the first warning of his approach is the gentle note of a detonating fusion bomb or the delightful hiss of metal boiling away under an assault of charged particles from his beam cannon. How he is so terribly sneaky is unclear, but rumor has it that he has beaten the Romulans by centuries and developed a cloaking device. However, if he has, he hasn't spoken to anybody about it.

Quiet and mysterious, that's how he likes to be, and how he intends to stay. Speaking his mind would prevent the whole mysterious shadow-warrior thing from working. One must wonder how much even his binary-bonded companions know about him.


Marvel Comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Dammit, why does someone always have to ruin a perfectly good group shot with a wussy thought bubble??

Spinister was recruited into the new Mayhem Attack Squad by Snarler, and placed in charge of training and grading other new recruits to the squad. During a training exercise, a fresh-new warrior named Needlenose went AWOL in the middle of a battle. Spinister went after him, knowing the desertion was punishable by death in the Decepticon Army. He saw promise in the young soldier, though, and so instead faked having difficulty against an Autobot drone he was fighting. Spinister hoped that seeing him in danger would force Needlenose to act, and he was right. Needlenose came back and fought off the drone to "save" Spinister. Because of this, Spinister ignored his temporary loss of courage in the official report, and nominated Needlenose for full membership in the Mayhems, and their mission to hunt down the traitors Carnivac and Catilla. Hunting Party!

Arriving on Earth, the Mayhems confronted Carnivac separately from his new Autobot comrades in the Survivors, and ran him to ground. Way of the Warrior Seeing Carnivac's newfound care for fleshlings, Spinister opened fire into a crowd, committing Carnivac to taking the fire himself in order to protect the humans. Stunned by the gunfire, Carnivac lay wounded as Spinister transformed and was about to pass sentence on him. His fellow traitor Catilla leapt out from nowhere, however, spoiling Spinister's aim. Bludgeon managed to impale the new arrival with his sword, but the Mayhems were then driven off by the Survivors before they could finish Carnivac off as well. A Savage Place

Now this is a group shot to instil fear

As a top-ranking member of the Mayhem Attack Squad, Spinister joined Needlenose, Ruckus and Windsweeper in serving their commander, Thunderwing, on his quest to possess the Autobots' Creation Matrix. The Mayhems clashed with several Autobot teams on their mission, and Thunderwing's obsession became more pronounced as time went on, and Spinister became less and less willing to serve under such a madman. On the planet VsQs, Thunderwing abandoned Windsweeper to his fate when the Matrix-spawn creature attacked, more focused on his prize than a fellow Decepticon. When their leader ran off chasing the creature, Spinister held back his fellow Mayhems, telling them it was their duty to look after the injured Windsweeper, and let Thunderwing deal with his own business.

Few people get along with their bosses.

After Thunderwing captured the Matrix and arranged for his team to infiltrate the Ark aboard a stolen shuttle, he quickly found the Matrix's own corrupted persona waxing control over his own mind. Spinister tried to warn him of the madness taking over, only to have Thunderwing fire on his own troop. The shock of having shot one of his loyal soldiers drove home the point for Thunderwing, but it was too late, and the Matrix completely overtook his thoughts. After the Autobots managed to drive Thunderwing out of the ship and into the vacuum of space, Spinister and the Mayhems gave up without a fight, wanting no more violence that day. Matrix Quest


Note: These stories do not fit into the normal Marvel continuity. See Earthforce for details.

Entered the No-Spinister Zone.

While Carnivac was still seeking revenge for Catilla's murder, Spinister and the others set up an island base on Earth while preparing for their next strike. The cowardly Needlenose got on everyone's nerves, though, when the waiting weighed on his circuits enough to compel him to stage a mock emergency drill and test the Mayhems' response time, just in case Carnivac came looking for him. Spinister gave Needlenose a stern rebuke after that, warning him that the next incident would cost him his life. As it turned out, Carnivac HAD infiltrated the base during the commotion, and Needlenose's next round of genuine emergency calls were left unheeded. Cry Wolf The wolf's next strike on Bludgeon did not go as quietly, and he drew the attention of the rest of the base. Instead of risking himself in close-quarters combat, Carnivac's forte, Spinister wisely chose to blast the traitor from a distance, apparently destroying him. Wolf in the Fold The Mayhems were then forced to defend themselves against the combined might of the Survivors and Earthforce, who had come to rescue Carnivac from his insane mission of vengeance. While Bludgeon and the others charged head first into battle, Spinister saw no gain in a warrior's suicide, and attempted to slip away. Unfortunately for him, only Carnivac's shell had been destroyed earlier, and the robot within had survived to take his vengeance on the Mayhems, killing Spinister and Snarler and then assisting the Earthforce in capturing the remaining Decepticons. Where Wolf?

Dreamwave Armada comics


In one of many alternate realities, Spinister (or a mech matching his description) was one of the few survivors of Unicron's attack on that universe's Cybertron, and has become little more than a gibbering half-insane emotional wreck as a result. When Optimus Prime is accidentally transported into this reality, Spinister tells him about Unicron and what he did. Worlds Collide, Part 2 When Unicron returns soon after Prime's arrival, Spinister welcomes his oblivion with open arms, and is drawn into the Chaos Bringer's open maw and destroyed. Worlds Collide, Part 4

Note: "Spinister" was never named in the "Worlds Collide" storyline, though the name is spelled in katakana on the character's helicopter mode kibble. It is not known if this version of the character had Targetmaster partners, but as he was never shown with weapons, they likely predeceased him if they existed in this micro-continuity.

IDW comics continuity

How exactly am I flying?

Back before the war, Spinister appeared in the crowd cheering Megatron's first pit fight. Megatron Origin issue 2 It is unknown whether he joined the Decepticons at their inception or became part of the movement later on after the conquest of Kaon. Much later, Spinister was working under Razorclaw on Cybertron, shortly after the Battle of Thunderhead Pass. He was part of the last major push for territory on the planet before it became uninhabitable. Spotlight: Blaster In the present day, Spinister still served with the Predacon leader as part of the crew aboard the starship Thanatos. He followed Divebomb and the other flying Decepticons into battle with Thunderwing on Cybertron. Stormbringer issue 4

He later shows up with Krok with several stranded Decepticons.

War For Cybertron Trilogy

Chapter 1: Siege

The Decepticons get into position. Spinister, Impactor, Barricade, and Skytread all check in as they set a trap for the Autobots and attack. Episode 2

Spinister and Skytread are approached by Mirage, who cloaks himself as a Decepticon. His cloak malfunctions, and they draw their weapons. However, the Autobots covers him and begin attacking. Optimus makes quick work of Spinister, piercing his chest with a sharp rod. Episode 3

Chapter 2: Earthrise

Spinister and several other Decepticons capture Jetfire, Red Alert, Chromia, and Scrapface. They attempts to explain to Spinister that they need to turn around because the arena is rigged to blow, but he doesn't believe them. Episode 6 (Earthrise)


Generation One


  • Spinister (Targetmaster, 1988)
    • Accessories: Hairsplitter and Singe Targetmaster partners/guns
Spinister transforms into a rather busily-coloured AH-64 Apache attack helicopter. His Targetmaster partners Singe and Hairsplitter can be attached onto peg holes on the underside of his wings. The rotors spin, but the main rotor tends to fold back into its storage mode when turned.


  • Spinister, like all the Double Targetmasters, was never released in Japan.
  • In IDW Publishing comics The Transformers: More than Meets the Eye, he is VERY dumb.
  • Later Spinister would have finally have a proper figure for him with two legs instead of one with two guns that match his color.
  • Spinister is the only one of the Decepticon Double Targetmasters where his partners have the same number of gun barrels.

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