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Spinhead is a dragonfly-themed Decepticon and is a master conspiracy theorist, he thinks that the Cybertronian government is out to trick and deceive their population using mind-control rays. He has ties to Cybercomrade Sect.


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He is a member of Free Will Faction which attacked Cybertron's government and ended up on the Alchemor, when the ship crashed Spinhead was freed from stasis. After he destroyed a power transformer he drew the attention of Bumblebee's team.  Strongarm and Sideswipe tracked him to a substation, where he managed to get the drop on them as they were too busy arguing to look up.  Following the brief distraction, he flew off and attacked the Anitoba Institute for Extraterrestrial Communication before laying in wait for the Autobot attack he was expecting. When Bumblebee denied being part of the massive conspiracy, Spinhead conceded that the team were just filthy Autobots and attacked Bumblebee as the rest of the team ran off. Unfortunately for Spinhead, it was a ruse, and during the battle that followed, Bumblebee managed to badly damage his rotors, and he was captured and put back to stasis.