Spin Road is an Autobot from the Operation Combination portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Spin Road is the Autobot terrestrial branch assistant commander and the leader of the Road Corps. He uses his finely-tuned intuition to hunt his arch-enemy Dark Jet, who took the life of one of his close friends.

His propensity for spinning is questionable.


Operation Combination

  • Spin Road vs. Dark Jet (Versus pack, 1992)
    • Japanese ID number: TF-06
    • Accessories: Turbine/launcher, 3 missiles
G1 Flash toy
Spin Road’s toy is identical to the Turbomaster Flash, transforming into a modified Lamborghini Diablo. His vehicle mode features a huge rear-mounted engine, which is really a spring-loaded missile-launching cannon usable in both vehicle and robot modes. His rear panels/legs feature tabs to mount his extra missiles.
He was sold in Japan only as part of a two-pack with Dark Jet.

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