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This article is about the human who is deeply frightened by giant robots from Transformers Animated. For the human that is friends with a whole mess of giant robots from Generation One, see Spike Witwicky (G1).

Spike is a human from the Transformers Animated continuity family.

"Hey! What're you doin'?! We're partners!"

Spike is the dedicated husband of Carly and the father of Daniel and Jennifer Witwicky. He can often be seen with his wife and/or son. He or his wife or possibly both of them are employed at Sumdac Systems. He has passed his impeccable fashion sense on to his son. He tends to get quite agitated when he sees that an ambulance is driving itself. Particularly if he's riding in it at the time. Crazy organics.


Animated cartoon

Voice actor: Corey Burton (English)

In a segment about the wonders of modern society and the impact that robots have had upon it, Spike was seen with his wife and son purchasing some sort of bunless wiener of dubious origin from a robot vendor cart. Transform and Roll Out!

Months later, Spike flagged down a passing ambulance because his wife was about to give birth. After being drawn into a chase scene, armed robbery, and giant robot fight, he opted to take a taxi instead. Garbage In, Garbage Out


  • Corey Burton also voiced Spike in the original G1 series.
  • Spike's full name, Spike Witwicky, is handwritten on his character model.