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This article is about the human that is friends with a whole mess of giant robots from Generation One. For the human who is deeply frightened by giant robots from Transformers Animated, see Spike Witwicky (Animated).

Spike Witwicky is an Autobot-allied human in the Generation One continuity family.

Amazing what a bit of testosterone can do for a guy. Rawr.

Spike Witwicky is the oldest (and sometimes only) son of Sparkplug Witwicky, depending on which continuity.

Spike, like most Witwickys, has a tendency to form close bonds to the Autobots and become one of their main human allies. Cause let's face it, there are advantages when your best friend is a car.

Malay-English dub name: Sparkle
Hungarian The Movie dub name: Csuka ("Pike"), in other media, Spike.
Russian name (6th channel): Spike (Спайк)


Cartoon continuity[]

Voice Actor: Corey Burton (US), Show HayamiMasashi Ebara (Japan)

Spike with his father, wearing hard hats

Spike SemiNude

We have hereby filled our beefcake quota for this Wiki. Move along.

In 1984, Spike was a 14-year-old adolescent working with his father Sparkplug on an oil rig when the Decepticons attacked. After the Autobots rescued them, they volunteered to become their native guides to planet Earth. They planned on going to Cybertron with the Autobots, but this plan was later changed by the Decepticons. More Than Meets the Eye

Spike had many adventures with the Autobots, taking part in just about everything they did on Earth for at least the next few years. He became best friends with the little Autobot Bumblebee. At one point, however, Spike was injured in a Decepticon attack, and his mind was transferred to the unstable Autobot X. The process began to play havoc with Spike's mind, allowing Megatron to manipulate him into attacking Optimus Prime and the Autobots. Only after nearly killing his father did Spike realize that he was being duped. His mind was subsequently transferred back into his body. Autobot Spike


It's the pink interior that makes Spike such a Ladiesman.

In the course of his adventures with the Autobots, he met Carly, an impetuous prodigy and MIT graduate. Despite being (much) smarter, older (she could drive), and hotter than him, Carly displayed a noticeable affection for the somewhat-dim Spike. They mated and produced offspring.

Spike ospit

Oh, bother. How do you propose we solve our predicament at this moment?

As an adult in the distant year 2005, Spike was stationed with Bumblebee on one of the Autobots' secret moonbases. He had a bit of a potty-mouth about being eaten by the monster-planet Unicron, but that would make anyone pissed. He was saved from the belly of Unicron by his aforementioned offspring. The Transformers: The Movie Later, when the Autobots had regained control of the planet, he became Earth's ambassador...or something. As an adult, Spike was also a lot less helpless. He once held a Quintesson hostage. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 2


Spike is BACK! ...and BLACK!

Marooned on the distant planet Nebulos he became a Headmaster partner to Cerebros and singlehandedly rebuilt an ancient city into a giant transformer. The Rebirth

He polished up good.

Headmasters Cartoon[]

Across the Pacific Ocean, in Japan, however, the events of 2007 were stricken, and replaced with a full-length new series, titled Transformers: The Headmasters. Due to the different concept for Headmasters in Japan, which did not incorporate Nebulans or humans, Spike was not a component of Fortress Maximus in this series, but still played an important role in Cybertron/Earth relations. At one point, so desperate for peace, Spike even arranged negotiations between himself and Galvatron, in hopes of developing a joint energy-production program — hopes which were soon dashed.

Marvel Comics continuity[]

Generation One[]

(Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.)

Spike Witwicky was away at college for the first few years of the Autobot/Decepticon war on Earth until he returned home to find his younger brother Buster kidnapped by the Decepticons. Spike soon became the binary-bond partner to the Headmaster Fortress Maximus, after Fortress Maximus' first partner, Galen, was killed in a battle with the Deception Scorponok. Trial by Fire!

Thereafter he struggled with balancing his responsibilities to his family with those to the Autobots. Once Buster was rescued, and with Optimus Prime returned to life to take his place as Autobot leader, Spike went into retirement, mothballing poor Max. This retirement wouldn't last however as it was interrupted, first by a pair of Decepticon Pretenders, The Man in the Machine! then by the crash of the Ark and a raving Galvatron. The Last Autobot? Through the course of these conflicts Spike learned that the binary bonding he had undergone with Maximus was far deeper and more permanent than he'd believed. Fortress Maximus was always there with him in his head, always a part of him. After his battle with Galvatron he seemed to have made peace with his connection to Fortress Maximus and his role as (perhaps) the last Autobot protector of Earth.


In 2009, jheri curls return with a vengeance. Just you wait.
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White jumpsuits were so 2006.

In an alternate timeline in the year 2009, Decepticons had built a machine to destroy Earth while a space-time anomaly was eating entire planets. After Rodimus Prime orchestrated a plan to travel twenty years back in time to the source of the anomaly, Spike Witwicky and his son Daniel accused Rodimus of shirking his responsibilities towards Earth and guilted Rodimus into allotting more troops to help destroy the Decepticons' machine. Time Wars

In another alternate timeline in the year 2009, Spike Witwicky was part of a very small Autobot/human resistance movement in a world where Galvatron II's Decepticons controlled North America. The handful of Autobots who remained alive despaired and were on the cusp of giving up, but Spike and Lisa (who shared growing feelings for each other) guilted them into one last suicidal attack on Decepticon headquarters in New York before the rest of the world could unleash a nuclear holocaust onto America at midnight. Though there were several casualties, Spike managed to hoist an American flag on the Decepticon stronghold on live television, a symbolic measure which prompted the end of the planned nuclear strike. Before Galvatron II could respond, the Decepticon despot was abducted by Hook, Line, and Sinker into another timeline. Rhythms of Darkness!

Generation 2[]


Now the jumpsuit's in BROWN?

Spike followed up on the now Megatron-controlled Ark, which he'd apparently stuffed Fortress Maximus aboard and then abandoned after his battle with Galvatron (great job protecting Earth there, "Last Autobot").

He reunited with Max and together they, um, sort of stopped Megatron (well, delayed him a little, maybe) by throwing themselves into the ship's antimatter core.

He blowed up real good. All or Nothing!

Dreamwave comics continuity[]

It's to be assumed that Spike and his father, Sparkplug, met the Autobots early on in their time on Earth (in a similar fashion as Spike and Sparkplug did in the cartoon, or Buster and Sparkplug did in the Marvel Comics). Spike definitely had a younger brother named Buster (like in the Marvel comics), yet it was Spike who formed a close friendship with Bumblebee (like in the cartoon, rather than missing out on the first few years of the Witwicky family's interaction with the Transformers while engaging in drinking orgies at college, like he did in the Marvel comics). The exact details of the Witwickys' early years as the Autobots' human associates are therefore not known.

Somewhere in the time after 1984, Spike married Carly, who then gave birth to Spike's son, Daniel. After the explosion of the Ark II in 1999, which caused the death of Spike's father Sparkplug, Spike tried to leave his involvement with the Transformers behind and settled down with his wife and son in Cleveland, Ohio, trying to live a new life as a normal family. The newfound peace wouldn't last for long, though, as Spike was soon recruited by a shady military official named General Hallo seeking his help in reviving Optimus Prime, whose body his men had recently found in the Arctic. Spike, who had been entrusted by Prime with a fragment of the Matrix, used that fragment to bring Prime back to life. Prime Directive, Part 1 Prime Directive, Part 2

Prime subsequently used the Matrix to revive and assemble a group of his Autobots, which he would then lead against Megatron's Decepticons. Meanwhile, Spike was imprisoned by General Hallo, who had double motives behind reviving the Autobots and even tried to kill them by bombing them. With the help of Larry, the World's Most Resourceful Janitor, Spike was able to escape his cell and uncover Hallo's sinister schemes, but not in time to stop him from launching a nuclear strike against the Autobots which was ultimately averted when Superion sacrificed his life in order to make it detonate before it could reach its target. Prime Directive, Part 5 Prime Directive, Part 6

Following these events, Spike once again returned to his family and tried to leave his past with the Transformers behind. A few months later, though, his old friend Bumblebee, who had just decided to quit the Autobot army following a fierce battle against Sunstorm, showed up by his house. Spike, frustrated that the Autobots refused to leave him alone, hurled a few nasty insults against his old buddy before changing his mind and joining him on a men's night out in the city, where they stopped a mugging. Lost and Found The follow-up scene of Carly shouting at Spike singing drinking songs with Bumblebee was never published due to the untimely faltering of Dreamwave. It also means we will never know if Spike and Bumblebee formed a crime fighting duo.

Devil's Due G.I. Joe vs the Transformers continuity[]

In response to the forming of the terrorist organization Cobra and its commandeered Transformers, the United States government assembled a strike team dubbed G.I. Joe. Spike Witwicky (codename Spike) was listed on the roster, but was never seen. G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers issue 2

(Oddly, Spike Witwicky's was the only name of a military specialist on the roster which was not ordered last name, first name.)


Generation One[]

  • Fortress Maximus with Spike (Headmaster, 1987)
Spike was a Headmaster figure who came with Fortress Maximus. Gray and blue, he transformed into Cerebros' head, who then in turn became Fortress Maximus' head. Although the on-package bio referred to 'the Nebulan leader, Spike', most assume it was supposed to represent the character from TV, making this the first Transformers toy of an Earth human.


Super Collection Figure[]

  • Bumble and Spike (Act 3, 2001)
  • Japanese ID Number: 5 (painted) 6 (clear)

Spike says "How."

Spike and Bumblebee were sold together as a single PVC in Act 3 of Takara's Super Collection Figure series. They were blindpacked, with painted and clear variations sold in equal quantities. In Hasbro's markets, they were sold together on a blister card as the "Autobot Espionage Team". (At this point, Hasbro did not have the trademark rights to Bumblebee's name.) In both Japan and the West, the two came packaged with HOC Fortress Maximus' right leg.


  • Spike and Buster were both derived from the same "young male human friend" character in early backstory material. For more on the name variation see Butch Witwicky.
  • Throughout the cartoon, both Spike and his dad have been noted as performing incredible physical feats and sustain injury surprisingly well. One example is how Spike was able to swim to the bottom of a strongly flowing river and lift a rock off of Hound that he wasn't able to lift himself all without getting swept away by the current. Say what? But then, the series was filled with goofs.

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