Spider-Man is a human character in the Generation One continuity family.


Someday we may learn more about this mysterious Spider-Man.

Peter Parker is a photographer for a newspaper named The New York Daily Bugle under Editor-in-Chief Joe Robertson. Parker is also the friendly costumed hero Spider-Man. Sometimes he has a black costume, which he can control with his mind, and can shapeshift into normal clothes. Spider-Man can fire thread-like projectiles from his wrists, which can be used to spin a web of practically any size, or to catch thieves and other assorted rogues just like Earth insect pests. If you are inquiring as to whether or not he possesses superhuman strength, you would be advised to pay close attention, my friend, when we tell you that this is indeed the case, as a result of his bodily fluid being radioactive in nature.

He's kind of a smartass.

"Doom's robot army. Somebody did a full drive by on em-"
―Luke Cage
"-in their own hood. What? I can "talk street"!"
―Spider-Man, making a bad crossover that little bit more bearable


Marvel Generation One comics

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

In 1984, while covering the news of the new Decepticon fortress in Oregon, Peter Parker/Spider-Man intercepted Gears, who had been sent on a scouting mission, and attacked, thinking Gears was one of the invaders. When Skywarp threw a tank at a gaggle of unwary reporters, Gears saved them, convincing Spider-Man he was good.

Spider-Man teamed up with the Autobots to help rescue Sparkplug Witwicky from the Decepticons. Spider-Man noted that he has had many adventures in his long history as a superhero. Optimus Prime replied that he is sure tales of his exploits would be interesting — they could possibly even be described as amazing.

Spidey managed to get the Autobots past the army with a little subterfuge, which lasted about ten seconds. While the Autobots dealt with both the human army and some invading Decepticons, he and Gears made their way into the base. After dispatching the cassettes and Soundwave, the pair found Sparkplug, and Megatron! He used his webbing to completely mummify Megatron, but it didn't hold for very long. Megatron blasted a hole in the floor of their base, so Gears, and Sparkplug would plummet to their deaths. Webbing saved Spider and Spark, but couldn't hold Gears' weight.

Spider-Man was aghast that the Autobots would treat their comrade's apparent death so nonchalantly. He followed the Autobots back to the Ark, and Prime failed to explain in any adequate sense how Gears was neither dead nor alive right then. But Spider-Man couldn't stick around, so he left. Prisoner of War!

Megatron referenced Spider-Man's involvement just before reprimanding Starscream for challenging his authority. The Enemy Within!

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Jameson was right, he's a bad influence.

Later, Spider-Man had become an iconic figure wearing a different costume, featuring a red mask with a black spiderweb pattern. Noah Acton wears a t-shirt bearing his likeness, indicating either kid appeal or counterculture status. Decepticon Graffiti!

The Transformers cartoon


Kid, move your damn hand. We're more interested in Spider-Man, not you.

In 1985, Spider-Man had become an iconic figure wearing a different costume, featuring a red mask with a black spiderweb pattern, with blue leotards and red gloves. T-shirts were made of his likeness!
Wait, is that Noah? The Autobot Run

New Avengers/Transformers

He's still wearing that costume, but the eyes are white!


Unseen scientist Reed Richards constructed large, transforming battle armour for various superhumans; Spider-Man received two, one based on each of his costumes, both of which could transform into a high-speed motorcycle. It is likely Richards gained the idea from Spider-Man, as it is inconceivable the encounter with the Transformers wouldn't have a lasting impact on the vigilante.

One sign of such an impact is that Spider-Man's activities seem to be focused solely on fighting hostile aliens. One of those aliens has somehow stolen and altered Spider-Man's loyal living costume; how he'll reclaim it is unknown.



  • Spider-Man (Marvel, 2008)
He kinda looks like Arcee, with a Spider-Man head. Venom is not a black repaint of him. (Yay!)
  • Black Costume Spider-Man (Marvel, 2008)
A black repaint of the above toy. Er, yeah. He is still not Venom!


This item is currently scheduled for release, but is not yet available.


  • It's occasionally claimed that a Spider-Man story published as part of the "Clone Saga" during the 1990s features a line where Peter claims that he had never been to Oregon, thereby "clearly" establishing Spidey's guest appearance in issue 3 of the Marvel US Transformers comic as being not part of the mainstream ("616") Marvel universe. In fact, however, Peter claims (in a monologue) having never been to Utah in Spider-Man #57 (1995), since Kaine's murder of Louise Kennedy had happened there (in Spider-Man: The Lost Years #3).

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