Sphinx is an Autobot from the Transformers: Rise of the Chevy Autobots portion of the Movie continuity family.
Sphinx chevy

"What's green and sings?"
"Elvis Parsley."
"I also would have accepted 'Fred Asparagus'."

Sphinx is Bumblebee's partner. He is a good friend and always places Bumblebee's welfare ahead of his own.

Sphinx transforms into a blue Chevrolet Aveo. One of the smallest Chevy Autobots, he's also among the most agile and is a scrapper in a fight.


Bumblebee's Mission Log


It's one thing to show up and die... but to die in backstory? Ouch.

Sphinx and Bumblebee were both sent to Earth to meet up with Flash and Ridge and recover the All Spark. However, when they arrived at Sector 32-113 for the rendezvous, it was the Decepticons they found waiting. Sphinx was ambushed by the rogue Decepticon Mainframe, who drained the spark out of him, leaving a lifeless shell. His sacrifice allowed Bumblebee to escape.

Bumblebee later received a communication, seemingly from Sphinx, in which his former partner enigmatically warned him that "he's coming for you".

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