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Many legends are associated with the lost city of Doradus, including that of the Sphere of Doradus. According to legend, whoever opens the Sphere properly will have a map to Doradus and its Fountain of Energon. However, the Sphere is also said to contain enough energy that opening it wrongly will destroy a city. Many wars have been fought over the Sphere, brother fighting brother to possess it. Most Cybertronians believe that the Sphere is as mythical as the city of Doradus itself and only exists as a parable of the destructive power of greed.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Season 3

Somehow the sphere ended up in the hands of the Decepticon Zorillor. When he was captured by Bee Team, the Autobots found themselves drawn to attempt to possess the sphere. Bumblebee stood on guard overnight, however the rest of the team all tried to grab the sphere, leading to a chase which ended when Springload managed to seize the object and make off with it. He took the sphere to Crown City's particle accelerator, intending to open it and learn the location of Doradus, though the accelerator's influence resulted in the sphere's energies causing pain for both him and the pursuing Autobots. While trying to capture Springload, the Autobots wrapped the sphere in tinfoil in an attempt to block its energies, but to no avail. They succeeded in arresting Springload, though the sphere itself was dropped and shattered. The remnants were dropped in a crusher and pulverized, though as they were destroyed, they momentarily projected the image of a map.

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