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The Speedia 500 are large racing events held by Velocitronians. Their entire culture is built around racing. The racers qualify for the largest Speedia, in Delta, by taking part in races all over Velocitron. The winner of the Speedia, sometimes consisting of hundreds of laps, is awarded the planet Cup.

A special Speedia is held when it is time for a new leader, called the Speedia 500. The is the biggest and sometimes most dangerous race on Velocitron.



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Optimus and his team were invited to the Speedia event in Delta, the main city of Velocitron. This is where the largest events are held. They were offered seats in the infield of the track, this is where the local dignitaries sit. However, the Autobots chose seats in the Grandstand next to Ransack. The track was a large oval circuit with Grandstands the height of large buildings.

Override introduced each racer before starting the race from a gantry stretching over the starting line. After a few hundred laps of racing and crashing, it finished with a photo finish, Blurr was crowned champion by Override and presented with the Planet cup.

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