The Speedia was the biggest race on the planet Velocitron, held at intervals with the victor being awarded a trophy that contained the Blades of Time and becoming the ruler of the planet.


Transformers: Exodus

Both Override and Ransack were former winners, which led to their positions as the planet's leaders, and Hightail also won a Speedia at some point. The competitors in the race were winners of various races held across the planet, with the entire event being the most anticipated spectacle on Velocitron. Optimus Prime noted unsettling parallels between the Speedia and the Gladiatorial combat that had developed on Cybertron, and thus sought to awaken the Velocitronians to a sense of their growing peril. Blurr won the Speedia shortly after the Autobots arrived on Velocitron, and later broke the trophy in order to give them the Blades of Time piece within.

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