Spectro is not much of an independent thinker. He's effective when he's taking orders or working alongside Spyglass and Viewfinder, the other two members of the Reflector trio — but on his own, his limited intellect proves to be a liability. When something goes wrong, he's always the first to pass the buck and blame someone else, which has not earned him much regard in the optics of his comrades.


Marvel Comics continuity

American cartoon continuity

Dreamwave comics continuity

IDW comics continuity

Spectro and Spyglass were seen aboard the Decepticon Orbital Command Hub, terrified of walking down the same hallway as Sixshot. Spotlight: Sixshot

Eventually, the two, along with Viewfinder found themselves on a ship, which crashed on LV-117. Viewfinder was killed in the crash when a large piece of the bridge's canopy shattered and impaled him through the chest. Spectro and Spyglass survived, and eventually they located Wheelie, who had previously crashed on the same planet and had been building an escape vessel with a friendly alien. They managed to hijack the vessel shortly before it launched by threatening to kill Wheelie's friend, but the tiny Autobot removed the safety catch from his energon converter before disembarking, causing it to violently explode shortly after take-off. Spotlight: Wheelie


Generation One

  • Reflector (Decepticon, 1986)

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