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18:32, January 20, 2008Estrela logo.jpg (file)18 KBSteve-o (Corporate logo for Brazilian toy manufacturer Estrela.)
22:30, December 17, 2007Tf2007 miles in tree.jpg (file)45 KBSteve-o (Miles, inverted in a tree, from the 2007 live-action film ''Transformers''. {{hastak}} Copyright Dreamworks, Paramount Pictures and Hasbro, 2007)
14:14, October 23, 2007Rartorata machine.jpg (file)53 KBSteve-o (Rartorata's Cybertronic form. Panel from IDW's ''Beast Wars: The Ascending'' #2. Art by Don Figueroa. {{comicinterior}} )
21:25, October 3, 2007Tarantulas lair.JPG (file)43 KBSteve-o (brightened it up)
19:15, September 23, 2007Movie scale chart.jpg (file)74 KBSteve-o ("Robot Scale Chart v03", from November 22, 2005. Shows the sizes of the Autobot characters from the 2007 ''Transformers'' film at an early stage in their development. All of these designs were changed before the final film. Phot)
00:28, July 7, 2007BoardWarsmedals.jpg (file)32 KBSteve-o (User:Monzo accepts all five Board Wars medals on behalf of the Transformers Wiki team at BotCon 2007. Photo modified from earlier version by User:Rotty.)
16:15, July 4, 2007Transformers 2007 movie logo.jpg (file)8 KBSteve-o (The logo of the 2007 live-action movie, taken from the film's [ Official Website]. {{fairuse}})
18:45, June 22, 2007Key to vector sigma bm.jpg (file)21 KBSteve-o (The Key to Vector Sigma as seen in ''Beast Machines'' episode, "The Key". {{hastak}} )
20:28, June 17, 2007S7 mobile command door warning.jpg (file)36 KBSteve-o (A warning sign on the door of the Sector Seven Mobile Command Unit. Photo by User:Steve-o. Released to the public domain.)
20:27, June 17, 2007S7 mobile command door.jpg (file)69 KBSteve-o (Entrance to the Sector Seven Mobile Command Unit. Photo by User:Steve-o. Released to the public domain.)
20:25, June 17, 2007S7 mobile command agents.jpg (file)76 KBSteve-o (Agents staffing the Sector Seven Mobile Command Unit.)
20:24, March 25, 2007Eric siebenaler.jpg (file)49 KBSteve-o (Eric Siebenaler, Hasbro designer, at BotCon 2005. Cropped from a photo by Lanny Latham posted at[])
23:29, March 5, 2007Our missiles.jpg (file)131 KBSteve-o (An assortment of Transformers toy missiles including Generation 1, Beast Era, Unicron Trilogy, and Classics. Photo by User:Steve-o, committed to the public domain.)
23:22, February 27, 2007IDW Animated Movie.jpg (file)130 KBSteve-o (The cover to issue 1 of IDW's Transformers: The Animated Movie adaptation. Art by Don Figueroa. {{comiccover}})
21:33, February 17, 2007Cyberjet launcher.jpg (file)30 KBSteve-o (Detail view of a Cyberjet missile launcher. Photo of Wind Sheer (Universe) by User:Steve-o.)
03:51, January 20, 2007R-infinity accelerator 3.jpg (file)62 KBSteve-o (Beams fired from an r-infinity accelerator strike the ground in IDW Publishing's ''Spotlight Ultra Magnus''. Art by Roddy Musso. {{comicinterior}} )
03:40, January 20, 2007R-infinity accelerator 2.jpg (file)13 KBSteve-o (An r-infinity accelerator falls through the air in IDW Publishing's ''Spotlight Ultra Magnus''. Art by Roddy Musso. {{comicinterior}} )
03:39, January 20, 2007R-infinity accelerator 1.jpg (file)40 KBSteve-o (Swindle (G1) powers up an r-infinity accelerator in IDW Publishing's ''Spotlight Ultra Magnus''. Art by Roddy Musso. {{comicinterior}} )
06:22, December 21, 2006Mumu-Obscura surface.jpg (file)28 KBSteve-o (Sixshot (G1) surveys the surface of planet Mumu-Obscura after its razing by the Reapers. From IDW Publishing's ''Spotlight: Sixshot''. Art by Rob Ruffalo. {{comicinterior}})
06:21, December 21, 2006Mumu-Obscura establishing shot.jpg (file)16 KBSteve-o (Establishing shot of planet Mumu-Obscura from IDW Publishing's ''Spotlight: Sixshot''. Art by Rob Ruffalo. {{comicinterior}})
03:39, September 7, 2006Asteroid bird alien firing.jpg (file)46 KBSteve-o (The alien bird creature fires its tail gun. From "The Secret of Omega Supreme". {{fairuse}})
03:19, September 7, 2006Asteroid bird alien.jpg (file)44 KBSteve-o (The alien bird creature from "The Secret of Omega Supreme". {{fairuse}})
02:59, September 7, 2006Crystal City destroyed.jpg (file)63 KBSteve-o (The Crystal City is destroyed. From "The Secret of Omega Supreme". {{fairuse}})
02:51, September 7, 2006Crystal City.jpg (file)78 KBSteve-o (The Crystal City, from "The Secret of Omega Supreme". {{fairuse}})
02:40, September 7, 2006Omega Supreme tears up.jpg (file)57 KBSteve-o (What appears to be a "tear sparkle" in Omega Supreme's eye at the end of "The Secret of Omega Supreme". {{fairuse}})
02:18, September 7, 2006Robo-Smasher and Omega Supreme.jpg (file)74 KBSteve-o (The Robo-Smasher attempts to reprogram Omega Supreme (G1) in "The Secret of Omega Supreme". {{fairuse}})
01:57, September 7, 2006Robo-Smashing.jpg (file)53 KBSteve-o (A Transformer is reprogrammed by the Robo-Smasher in "The Secret of Omega Supreme". {{fairuse}})
01:55, September 7, 2006Robo-Smasher.jpg (file)64 KBSteve-o (The Robo-Smasher, from "The Secret of Omega Supreme".)
01:54, September 7, 2006Robo-Smasher at work.jpg (file)72 KBSteve-o (The Robo-Smasher holds an innocent victim in its tentacles. {{fairuse}})
23:27, August 8, 2006Megatron for life.jpg (file)31 KBSteve-o (''Beast Machines'' Megatron looking suitably fascist.)
23:23, August 8, 2006Pushing on a spark.jpg (file)40 KBSteve-o (Nightscream pushes Blackarachnia's spark into her body. From "Revelations Part III: Apocalypse".)
23:57, July 13, 2006Orbital bounce.jpg (file)23 KBSteve-o (Megatron arrives by orbital bounce in IDW's ''Infiltration'' #6. {{comicinterior}})
03:15, June 12, 2006Freedom Fighter box.jpg (file)38 KBSteve-o (The full side panel of Freedom Fighter's box. {{fairuse}})
03:14, June 12, 2006Freedom Fighter portrait.jpg (file)24 KBSteve-o (Portrait of Freedom Fighter, as it appears on his box. {{fairuse}})
02:17, June 12, 2006Tankor flames.jpg (file)41 KBSteve-o (Tankor against a flaming background. {{fairuse}})
02:58, April 13, 2006Scott McNeil Ohayocon 04.jpg (file)14 KBSteve-o (Voice actor Scott McNeil in an appearance at Ohayocon 2004, Columbus OH. Photo by Jennifer Ulm.)
18:42, March 29, 2006Tetrajet seekers.jpg (file)47 KBSteve-o (Seekers in their Cybertronian "tetrajet" modes, from MTMTE Part 1.)
00:36, March 28, 2006Seekers ad.jpg (file)165 KBSteve-o (Full page from the 1984 JC Penny's wishbook which uses the word "Seeker".)
00:35, March 28, 2006Seekers ad text.jpg (file)7 KBSteve-o (Use of the word "Seeker" in the 1984 JC Penny's wishbook.)
08:52, March 26, 2006Vector sigma core.jpg (file)46 KBSteve-o (A diagnostic drone interfaces with the "Vector Sigma core" in "The Key".)
07:25, March 26, 2006Oracle (The Reformatting).jpg (file)70 KBSteve-o (The Oracle as seen in "The Reformatting".)
06:48, March 26, 2006VectorSigmaHM2.jpg (file)55 KBSteve-o (Vector Sigma itself in the ''Headmasters'' episode, "Behold The Birth Of Double Prime".)
06:41, March 26, 2006Cycle drone with extractor.jpg (file)47 KBSteve-o (A Vehicon cycle drone wielding a spark extractor.)
06:32, March 26, 2006Spark extraction.jpg (file)36 KBSteve-o (Gamma boosted, easier to see.)
05:48, March 26, 2006Giant megatron spark.jpg (file)45 KBSteve-o (Megatron's giant spark looms over Cybertron's surface.)
05:48, March 26, 2006Spark consumption.jpg (file)39 KBSteve-o (Megatron's spark consumes those of kidnapped Cybertronians.)
05:26, March 26, 2006Sparks.jpg (file)73 KBSteve-o (Gamma boosted, easier to see.)
05:35, March 25, 2006Simon-Furman.jpg (file)17 KBSteve-o (Portrait of Simon Furman, with Swoop, taken from Furman's site,
18:17, March 20, 2006Aaron-archer-botcon2005.jpg (file)83 KBSteve-o (Transformer designer Aaron Archer at BotCon 2005. Photo by Steve Stonebraker.)
17:35, March 5, 2006Butch.jpg (file)109 KBSteve-o (A page from the 1985 coloring book, "Forest Rescue Mission", which uses the name "Butch" for Sparkplug's son.)

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