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16:37, April 26, 2008Topspin yellowed.jpg (file)78 KBHooper X (A yellowed G1 Topspin. Photo by eBay user "arashikagejedi," used with permission.)
15:10, January 9, 2008David Willis.jpg (file)10 KBHooper X (David Willis. Photo by User:Hooper_X)
15:04, January 9, 2008Karl Hartman.jpg (file)11 KBHooper X (Karl Hartman is shocked and awed. Photo by User:Hooper_X)
21:11, October 1, 2007Tap-out card art.jpg (file)28 KBHooper X (Filecard art for Tap-Out, by Dan Khanna.)
03:24, September 11, 2007Master builders prime basketball.jpg (file)24 KBHooper X (Optimus Prime shows us his sweet hoop skillz.)
22:49, June 7, 2006Wallyburr-jackpot.jpg (file)6 KBHooper X (Wally Burr, as drawn by Matt Kuphaldt. {{fairuse}})
04:11, June 3, 2006Slingshot-manga.jpg (file)10 KBHooper X (Slingshot, from the "Fight! Super Robot Life Form!" manga. Artist unknown. {{comicinterior}})
21:40, May 1, 2006Convoynonazoscreen.png (file)2 KBHooper X (Gameplay screen from Transformers: Convoy no Nazo {{game-screenshot}})
21:34, May 1, 2006Convoynonazotitle.png (file)2 KBHooper X (Title screen of the Transformers: Convoy no Nazo video game. {{game-screenshot}})

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