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18:01, September 11, 2007Art book final.jpg (file)83 KBFortMax 
18:13, March 4, 2008BMlogo.jpg (file)5 KBFortMax (Beast Machines logo from Hasbro site {{hastak}})
17:56, February 26, 2008Beau Weaver.jpg (file)15 KBFortMax 
03:01, January 16, 2007Continuities.png (file)206 KBFortMax (M "quote" Sipher's continuity chart, version 12)
01:33, May 3, 2008EarthquakeEnemyWithin.jpg (file)36 KBFortMax (Earthquake (G1) from The Enemy Within! {{comicinterior}})
03:54, July 14, 2008FMros IE6.jpg (file)116 KBFortMax (test of Ros's .css in IE)
18:47, December 15, 2007G2superion toy.jpg (file)71 KBFortMax (replacing with correctly transformed version from Seibertron)
15:47, March 26, 2007Japanese Snapdragon Specs.jpg (file)104 KBFortMax (Snapdragon's Japanese Specs {{HasTak}})
15:45, March 26, 2007Japanese Weirdwolf Specs.jpg (file)104 KBFortMax (Weirdwolf's Japanese Tech Specs. {{HasTak}})
01:59, February 25, 2008Liokaiser.jpg (file)214 KBFortMax 
20:10, May 12, 2007MarvelComicsContinuity2.png (file)36 KBFortMax (Graphic of the Marvel Comics continuity by User:FortMax)
15:29, July 13, 2008MarvelUK-274.jpg (file)243 KBFortMax (Transformers UK #274 Ashes to Asher! and Where Wolf?. {{comiccover}} )
21:36, September 5, 2008Rick Astley.jpg (file)34 KBFortMax (Part of [[Grim-Grams from [[Marvel UK]] #166 {{comicinterior}})
19:00, March 26, 2006Spark colors.jpg (file)50 KBFortMax (Reverted to earlier revision)
18:47, July 26, 2008The Ark II BarnesandNoble.jpg (file)83 KBFortMax (Cover for The Ark II — A Compendium of Japanese Character Designs from Barnes and Noble. Actually the unused early cover from the first ''Ark'' with "Volume 2" slapped on. {{hastak}})
18:44, July 26, 2008The Ark II amazon.jpg (file)53 KBFortMax (Cover for The Ark II — A Compendium of Japanese Character Designs from {{hastak}})
01:30, May 3, 2008TornadoEnemyWithin.jpg (file)11 KBFortMax 
21:14, July 14, 2008Unicron Proto.jpg (file)36 KBFortMax (G1 Unicron digitally edited to show a (mostly) correct robot mode. {{hastak}})
01:53, February 25, 2008Victory leo.jpg (file)269 KBFortMax (Scan of Victory Leo's boxart from a Singapore-market poster. Image from [ Botch's Archive] {{hastak}})

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