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18:27, May 28, 2005Smallwikipedialogo.png (file)648 BNova81426 (Small Wikipedia Logo)
05:13, June 5, 2005Optimus face.jpg (file)97 KBNova81426 (The face of Optimus Prime, from Transformers: The Movie)
18:40, March 4, 2006Robotmaster.jpg (file)30 KBItsWalky (A scan of Robot Master, from Marvel Comic's Transformers #15)
03:22, March 5, 2006Primalscream.jpg (file)39 KBItsWalky (The Primal Scream, from the Transformers Fanclub Comic.)
04:29, March 5, 2006Unicronplanet.jpg (file)38 KBItsWalky (Screenshot from Transformers: The Movie)
05:53, March 5, 2006Deadmatrix.jpg (file)27 KBItsWalky (Nemesis Prime opening the Dead Matrix, from a scan of the Transformers Fan Club comic.)
06:48, March 5, 2006Megazaraktfu.jpg (file)41 KBItsWalky (Megazarak's packaging art)
07:23, March 5, 2006Cybertronplanet.jpg (file)28 KBItsWalky (Television screenshot of the planet Cybertron from Transformers G1.)
17:35, March 5, 2006Butch.jpg (file)109 KBSteve-o (A page from the 1985 coloring book, "Forest Rescue Mission", which uses the name "Butch" for Sparkplug's son.)
21:28, March 5, 2006Mistero.jpg (file)45 KBItsWalky (A scan of Mr. "O" from the Marvel Transformers comic.)
21:37, March 5, 2006Buster.jpg (file)57 KBItsWalky (Buster Witwicky, from the Marvel Transformers comic.)
21:42, March 5, 2006UnicronDeathstarII.jpg (file)125 KBX-BoB58 
23:06, March 5, 2006Energon Unicron.jpg (file)139 KBX-BoB58 (Unicron sported a battle damaged deco in Energon)
23:20, March 5, 2006Unicronarmada.jpg (file)87 KBItsWalky (Armada Unicron, from a cover from the Dreamwave comics.)
23:45, March 5, 2006Unicron original.jpg (file)22 KBDerik (Unicron's Original Body from Marvel US Transformers #73 Art by Andrew Wildman.)
00:23, March 6, 2006Grogg.jpg (file)31 KBItsWalky (Grogg has guarded the Power Prism for a millennium.)
02:42, March 6, 2006Bumblebeeg1.jpg (file)48 KBItsWalky (Bumblebee)
03:13, March 6, 2006Nightbeatg1.jpg (file)28 KBItsWalky (G1 Nightbeat, from the MTMTE profile books.)
05:01, March 6, 2006Matrix.jpg (file)28 KBItsWalky (The Matrix of Leadership, seen here inside Optimus Prime's chest.)
06:28, March 6, 2006Lead sulfide crystals.jpg (file)33 KBDerik (Picture from Marvel US's Transformers #53, art by José Delbo)
06:53, March 6, 2006Matrix of conquest.jpg (file)13 KBDerik (Matrix of Conquest, taken from Black & White illus. on the back cover of the Botcon 2000 convention comic. Digital not-in-cource color added for clarity. Illustration by either Andrew Wildman or Matt Riordan)
07:09, March 6, 2006Ramjettfu.jpg (file)68 KBItsWalky (Ramjet in league with Nemesis Prime, from the Transformers Fanclub comic.)
07:39, March 6, 2006InjectorRobot.jpg (file)16 KBBeastWarrior (BW Injector toy's robot mode)
08:28, March 6, 2006Injector tech spec.jpg (file)28 KBTerrocon Blot (Injector's card art from his release in 1998.)
09:33, March 6, 2006Unicrons dark essence.jpg (file)61 KBDerik (Image from the 'Paradox' Recap page in the Botcon 2000 Convention comic. Art by Andy Wildman.)
10:54, March 6, 2006Acolyte of unicron.jpg (file)31 KBDerik (From Marvel Comics US #74. Art by Andrew Wildman.)
16:49, March 6, 2006Trailbreaker box art.jpg (file)122 KBTerrocon Blot (Trailbreaker's box art from his 1984 release.)
19:03, March 6, 2006Femax.jpg (file)88 KBItsWalky (The female half of Femax.)
21:49, March 6, 2006Trailbreaker marvel design.jpg (file)73 KBTerrocon Blot (Trailbreaker's design as made by Marvel Comics.)
23:47, March 6, 2006Oracle COTP thumb.gif (file)35 KBDerik (Shot from the Season 3 episode Call of the Primitives, 1986.)
01:06, March 7, 2006Primacron.jpg (file)26 KBDerik (Still from the cartoon episode <u>Call of the Primitives</i>, 1986)
01:16, March 7, 2006Bruticus cartoon head.jpg (file)43 KBTerrocon Blot (Bruticus, as seen in the episode "Starscream's Brigade".)
01:19, March 7, 2006Unicron head orbit.jpg (file)24 KBDerik (Still From The Transformers; The Movie, 1986)
18:00, March 7, 2006Circuitbreaker.jpg (file)50 KBItsWalky (Circuit Breaker decloaks and shows herself to Blackrock.)
18:37, March 7, 2006Josiebeller.jpg (file)55 KBItsWalky (Josie Beller, pre-accident.)
18:46, March 7, 2006Circuitbreakervsjazz.jpg (file)31 KBItsWalky (Circuit Breaker vs Jazz)
19:03, March 7, 2006Anti-robotphotonicmulti-cannon.jpg (file)39 KBItsWalky (Anti-robot Photonic Multi-Cannon)
20:19, March 7, 2006Mrfriendly.jpg (file)96 KBItsWalky (Mr. Friendly)
20:33, March 7, 2006Drbigglesjones.jpg (file)35 KBItsWalky (Dr. Biggles-Jones is hot.)
20:47, March 7, 2006Bomberbill.jpg (file)71 KBItsWalky (Bomber Bill)
00:48, March 8, 2006Chronarchitect.jpg (file)49 KBDerik (Frame from the Botcon 2000 Convention Comic. Art by geoff Senior, Color by Andrew Wildman. Text boxes removed via digital touch-up.)
03:46, March 8, 2006Lord chumley trophyroom.jpg (file)49 KBDerik (Still from the episode Prime Target. Long pan, pieced together.)
03:55, March 8, 2006Lord chumley dinsmore.jpg (file)25 KBDerik (Still from the episode Prime Target. Lord Chumley's faithful manservant, Dinsmore.)
03:58, March 8, 2006Lord chumley.jpg (file)27 KBDerik (Still from the episode Prime Target. The whaco big-game hunter Lord Chumley.)
04:46, March 8, 2006Lord chumley plaque.jpg (file)25 KBDerik (Still from the 1985 episode Prime Targets. The plaque on Chumley's wall for Prime's head.)
07:33, March 8, 2006Rorzatherocket-cycleracerfromrigeliii.jpg (file)28 KBItsWalky (Only a fool ignores Rorza, the Rocket-cycle Racer from Rigel III!)
07:38, March 8, 2006Berko.jpg (file)38 KBItsWalky (Berko)
16:40, March 8, 2006Ceciliasantiago.jpg (file)65 KBItsWalky 
16:56, March 8, 2006Jakethejackhammer.jpg (file)56 KBItsWalky 
17:41, March 8, 2006Roadhandleruk.jpg (file)25 KBItsWalky (Roadhandler fights the Man.)

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