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"Angel" Scream to Alfred A. Pegal
Alfred J. Verrecchia to Ark
Ark-12 to Axer
Axer TFP to Begin the Bomber Project! The Creation of God Ginrai
Beginning to Bodyblock (Movie)
Boil Coil to Bulkhead (Prime)/Gallery
Bulkhead (RID) to Chain of Command/Gallery
Chain of Command (Prime episode) to Cobra Commander
Cobra Island to Crisscross/Gallery
Crisscross Gallery to Danger! Scissor Boy.
Danger of the Black Hole to Decepticon medical bay
Decepticon ships (DOTM) to Dinsmore
Diode to Drixco
Droma Blaster Rifle to Energon cube
Energon drone to Fire Marshal Mike
Fire One to Fun Droid
Fun Pub to Ginrai
Ginrai: God On of Rage!! to Grimwing TFP
Grindcore to Helix Gardens TFP
Hell Buzzsaw to Hydrus 4
Hydrus Four to Jack Darby Relationships
Jack Darby TFP to Judora
Judy Taylor to Ladybird Books
Lake Street to Lobbing
Lobbing Ball to Mark Twain
Mark W. Bellomo to Megatron statue
Megatron statue (Armada) to Mister Kaiser
Mister Pettypaws to Nebulos (G1)
Nebulos (Primax)/984.17 Alpha to Old Evils
Old Hawkins Well to Overload (Armada)
Overload (G1) to Plasma sphere shooter
Plasma thermal accelerator module to Primus (Primax)/Dreamwave
Primus (Primax)/IDW to Rain
Rainbow Shield to Rescue Bots Respond
Rescue Bots Roll Out to Rodimus (Unicron Trilogy)
Rodimus (WFC) to Savory mercury sauce
Saw Boss to Servo rust
Seth to Six-Gun
Six-Gun (G1) to Snarl
Snarl (Animated) to Sprue
Spy Changer to Straxus
Straxus (G1) to TV Magazine
TV Series to The Best of Don Figueroa
The Best of Optimus Prime to The Super Warriors: The Godmaster Brothers
The Swarm to Tom Kenny TFP
Tom Lenk to Transformers: The Movie (Soundtrack)
Transformers: The Movie (comic) to Trilingual
Trilithium stomach to Used Autobots
Ushiwakamaru to Vlcsnap-2014-06-28-00h05m30s133.png
Vlcsnap-2014-06-28-00h05m32s156.png to Whirl (Movie)
Whirl (Prime) to Zippy
Zizza to Æthelric
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