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Spasma is a Decepticon-allied Nebulan from the Generation One continuity family.


The nervous and insecure Spasma was the son of a despised noble family on Nebulos, bullied and picked on his entire life while being crushed under the weight of a bankrupt family legacy. The arrival of the Transformers on his planet and the creation of the Headmasters gave him the prospect of power to escape his feeling of inadequacy, or so he thought...

Outwardly, Spasma had his wish fulfilled when he was binary bonded to Apeface, literally becoming the kind of bully who had previously tormented him. But all too frequently, the pressure of combat will wear away at Spasma, until Apeface's actions trigger a torturous flashback from the Nebulan's past, reducing him to a whimpering, crying wreck.

Italian name: Cyclop


Marvel Comics continuity

S-somehow the l-least-gayly dressed on N-Nebulos.

(Events from the UK stories are in italics.)

As an anti-Autobot demonstration raged in the streets of Nebulos's capital city of Koraja, Spasma was among the government mucky-mucks and their associates who viewed with trepidation from a balcony. He wondered to World Watcher spokesman Galen wh-what th-they would d-do now, and Galen did not know. Broken Glass! When the Decepticons arrived on the planet, Spasma was kidnapped and imprisoned by them. Lord Zarak made a deal with the Decepticons that involved becoming the Decepticons' Headmaster partners to counter the Autobots' own Headmasters, and Spasma was binary bonded to Apeface. He looked a little uneasy about the whole thing. Love and Steel!

The Transformers cartoon

Voice actor: Tony St. James

Spasma was a member of the Hive and was bonded to Apeface after Zarak negotiated with Cyclonus and Scourge. Putting on a "tough guy" personality, he reiterated Krunk's warning to the Horrorcons to not get out of line, or they would get mad. To emphasize his point, Spasma spit on the floor, which was apparently some sort of corrosive, as it produced steam from the metal floor. Spasma is truly hardass.

Apeface was not impressed. The Rebirth, Part 2


Generation One

  • Apeface with Spasma (Headmaster Horrorcon, 1987)
Like his partner, Spasma is a triple changer, transforming from an armored humanoid into Apeface's robot (formed from his legs facing forward) and ape alt-mode (his back facing forward) heads. Though he only came with his partner, in head mode, Spasma is compatible with any other Headmaster body. On the larger Headmasters, he gives three of Apeface's Tech Spec stats in their display window, but the smaller ones still display their normal heads' stats due to their construction.


  • In the Japanese Headmasters series, Spasma does not exist as a separate entity from Apeface; like all Headmasters, the large robot is just a lifeless Transtector body controlled entirely by the head unit. However, Apeface's head unit is still called "Spasma" when separated from the larger robot body, even though it's the same guy!

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