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Sparkwar3 title

Dant, dant, dant-dant, dant dant dant daaaah!

Having found the imprisoned sparks, the Maximals have to race against time to stop Megatron from consuming them and becoming a god.

Sparkwar Pt. III: The Siege (Japanese title: Eternal Friendship) (永遠の友情 Eien no Yūjō) is the third/final part of the three-part "Sparkwar" Saga, is the ninth episode of second season of Beast Machines: Transformers, is the twenty-second episode of the Beast Machines: Transformers series and is overall the seventy-fourth episode of the Beast Era of the Transformers series. It is overall the one hundredth-seventy-second episode of the G1 Era of Transformers.


Nightscream flaps along beneath a Cybertronian moon, evading hordes of drones. He meets up with Cheetor and Blackarachnia. Megatron's new body is hovering over the central spaceport, and the Maximals wonder how they can put a stop to whatever Megatron is re-supplying for.

Obsidian and Strika are nearby, ordering troop movements, when a familiar howl sounds. It's Noble, who obliviously strolls up to the Maximals' hiding spot in plain sight, leading the drones right to them. Cheetor orders a retreat, as they're on recon; the group disposes of their attackers and begins to leave. But despite Nightscream's pleadings, Noble continues fighting. Nightscream finally fires off a sonic burst that destroys Noble's attackers, and the beast retreats along with them.

Cheetor admonishes Nightscream over his "little pet" nearly getting them killed, and orders him to cut the creature loose. Nightscream reluctantly heads in the other direction, with Noble following like a puppy.

Later, Optimus reminds Cheetor and Rattrap of their upcoming mission's importance. Rattrap wonders if they could get away with a Trojan horse gimmick. The others, and the audience, look at him like he's nuts.

Cheetor, Nightscream, and Silverbolt are to distract the Vehicons; the rest go to infiltrate the big head and free the Sparks. Rattrap offers up his disks again(Blackarachnia giving then a comment for slag), new and improved this time. As the group heads out, Cheetor coughs meaningfully and nods in Noble's direction. Optimus responds with a look to Nightscream, who reluctantly shoos him away with the word "SCAT!". Noble departs with a puppy-like whimper, feeling heart-broken, and the group moves out.

Thrust reports to Megatron, who manifests himself in the form of his glowing red Spark. Megatron opens the Spark containment grid, releasing a pair of victims. Energy tentacles shoots out from Megatron... and the chosen victims are consumed, absorbed into him, as Thrust watches dumbfoundedly. Megatron testily demands Thrust's report, while gobbling up a couple more Sparks. The Maximals no longer concern him, he tells his General; he's mastered the secrets of the Oracle, and nothing can stop his grand ascension now.

On the surface, Nightscream and company initiate their "noisy distraction". Optimus's group tries out Rattrap's scramblers with Botanica's help and a 'guinea pig', which seems to work, and leap aboard a hovertransport that's heading for Megatron. The distraction group, elsewhere, plays a game of cat and mouse with the drones. Cheetor slaps a disk on one of the drones, causing the others to read it as a Maximal, and blast it to scrap. Silverbolt is impressed.

The generals examine the wrecked drones, and find one of the disks. Primal and company, meanwhile, have infiltrated 'Megatron'. Primal listens to the voices in his head -- literally -- which direct him toward the Sparks.

Strika figures out how to reconfigure the device's harmonics, causing feedback to overload all the others. A moment later, the Maximals are picked up by the Predacon commander's sensors. Thrust, feat. cycle drones x3, soon arrives to attack. The distraction team soon finds themselves similarly occupied.

Rattrap gets the infiltrators through a doorway, then seals it before Thrust and his posse of the ep. can follow. The group finds themselves in a large round chamber with a seal at the bottom... a seal which opens to reveal a huge canister full of glowing, seathing Sparks. The canister rises to meet the orange-red form of Megatron above. He's pleased to see the team; robot tentacles contribute a team-snaring welcome.

Megatron initiates his trans-ascension, chomping down on a few more Sparks. He intends to unite every Spark on Cybertron into one, perfect being -- himself. The Spark canister opens, and the Sparks drift upwards. Optimus entreats them to resist, but Megatron just laughs.

On the surface, all the combatants stop and stare as Megatron's ultra-Spark rises out from the big head. Megatron's energy tentacles suspend the Maximals in mid-air and begin to draw out their Sparks. Nightscream manages to evade his tentacle momentarily, till he trips on a fallen drone. But as the beam begins to drag him away, he sees Noble lurching towards him. Strika sees him too, and orders her drones to attack. But the mighty beast is too much for the drones. Obsidian and Strika are bested as well. Noble reverts to Savage and blasts the limb holding Nightscream, freeing him. Savage launches, heading for Megatron, but Megatron use one of his beam "tentacles" to grab the beat and then zaps him, knocking him out of the sky. Savage falls and hits the ground hard, reverts to Noble for the final time and dies cradled in Nightscream's arms.

Nightscream, infuriated, blasts Megs with his sonic scream, the blast disrupts Megatron's hold on the Maximals, the captive Sparks, and himself, too, as he howls in agony and explodes. The Sparks begin falling back into their canister, and the big head begins to plummet. The Maximals quickly work to gain control of the vessel; Rattrap extends a bridge to a control center, and finds the manual control system. The head falls from view... then rises again. Cheetor and Silverbolt are briefly exultant, till they turn back to Nightscream, still kneeling beside Noble.

The group gathers around a holo-image of the slain beast, as Optimus eulogizes the creature who bought them their victory with his life. But elsewhere on the empty streets of Cybertron, Megatron's orange-red Spark can be seen flitting through the shadows.


Megatron: "I'll grind you to pulp!"

Megatron intends to kill Savage.

Blackarachnia: "NOT THEM AGAIN! These things only worked for SLAG the last time!"

Rattrap: These handy dandy scamble field generators are new and improved, THANK YOU VERY MUCH(!) Plus, I added some SPECIAL FEATURES.

Rattrap, in his spare time, improved his gizmos.


Writers: Steven Melching
Original Air Date: April 5, 2000 (YTV); October 7, 2000 (FOX)

Maximals Vehicons Others
  • Nightscream (1)
  • Cheetor (4)
  • Blackarachnia (5)
  • Optimus Primal (10)
  • Rattrap (11)
  • Silverbolt (13)
  • Botanica (14)
  • Megatron (2)
  • Artillery Drones (3)
  • Copter Drones (6)
  • Obsidian (7)
  • Strika (8)
  • Thrust (12)
  • Cycle Drones (15)
  • Noble (9)


  • Megatron is, once again, believed have been killed in this episode. In the next episode, however, it is revealed that his Spark was depolarized.

Technical/Animation Glitches[]

Continuity errors[]

  • How can Megatron speak as just a spark?
  • When Rattrap, Optimus, and Cheetor reach the top of the elevator in the Oracle's chamber, the Oracle's portal-like structure is shown in the background to be active with a starry display for the third time this season, when it should be inactive after the Oracle itself had hid itself away inside Optimus's body back in "Fallout".
  • The technorganic Maximal sparks are depicted in their usual light blue, when "Revelations Part II: Descent" established that they have unique colours.
  • Why does Megatron's body have a manual control system in the first place? Or a control system at all?
    • For that matter, why does the Mal begin to fall when Megatron is defeated? He had already been separated from it for several minutes by that point, so he couldn't have been controlling it. At the start of the season it hovered in the air just fine without Megatron's spark at all.

Transformers references[]

  • When calling the sparks to him, Megatron says "let us all become one!"

Real-world references[]

  • Rattrap at one point suggests pulling the Trojan Horse trick on Megatron.

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