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Sparkstalker is an example of bad allotment of resources. He is a brilliant cryptologist, a criminal mastermind capable of hacking Autobot datatracs and disabling the firewalls around their secure files or coded transmissions with incredible skill and secrecy, uncovering entire battle-plans without Autobot high command even knowing they've been uncovered. Decepticon military intelligence would raise several levels of efficiency if they employed him full-time. Instead, Sparkstalker has been made a Firecon, teamed with pyromaniacs and military dropouts like Cindersaur and Flamefeather, who require constant supervision so that they don't burn down the Decepticons' own fortifications. Sparkstalker spends most of his time physically grabbing his partners by the head and aiming their fire breath towards the Autobots, or at least away from their fellow Decepticons. It's a gruelling job, and one he's hardly suited for.


Marvel Comics Continuity

Sparkstalker and his fellow Firecons were based on Cybertron for "homeland detail" for most of the war prior to Unicron's arrival. They acted as jailers at the Decepticon detention facilities, and occasionally ran operations on the side, like the renewed gladiatorial games. Deadly Games After the defeat of the Planet-Eater, the Firecons came under Bludgeon's command, and left Cybertron to bring devastation to the planet Klo. Unfortunately for Sparkstalker, his luck finally ran out and he was incinerated by his crazed partner Cindersaur during a mission of destruction on that planet. The Last Autobot?

Generation 2 UK continuity

Sparkstalker re-appeared along with Flamefeather under the command of Bludgeon. First attacking a human city to draw out Optimus Prime, the two Firecons then attacked Megatron when he entered the fray to wrest command from Bludgeon. Sparkstalker then got promptly roasted after attacking the Dinobot Slag - "If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen!"


Generation One

  • Sparkstalker (Firecon, 1988)
Sparkstalker transforms from a robot to a bipedal insectoid monster thing, much resembling a chibi Gigan from Godzilla. In this mode, his rear limbs can be swung up, allowing him to be rolled forward on the rubber gear-wheel on his belly. This activates the Firecon team's gimmick, shooting "cold" sparks from their beast-mode mouths.

Generation 2

  • Sparkstalker (Sparkabot, 1994)
Re-released during the last years of G2, Sparkstalker along with Flamefeather was labelled as a Sparkabot, though he still retained his Decepticon allegiance. His body was made from purple plastic, while his head and limbs were molded from translucent pink plastic, with lime green paint and wings. He still retains his spark-generating gimmick. The translucent plastic on the G2 Sparkabots is very brittle and breaks easily. G2 Sparkstalker was only avaliable in Europe.

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