The Sparkdash is a cross-faction subgroup of Transformers, the Japanese versions of the Sparkabots and Firecons. They appeared in the Masterforce portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Each toy features a friction-motor that causes "cold" sparks to shoot from their alternate modes: the Autobots fire them from the rear of their vehicle modes, while the Decepticons shoot them from their animal-mode mouths.

The Autobot Sparkdash are...

The Decepticon Sparkdash are...

  • Javil the insect-creature.


  • The Sparkdash are a bit of an oddity in regards to the Masterforce fiction. The Autobot Sparkdash never made any appearances in either the cartoon or manga. The Decepticon Sparkdash appeared in both as unliving drones, but were colored in the cartoon as their Hasbro counterparts, the Firecons, rather than the colors Takara had given their toys. (The manga was printed in black and white with limited use of gray, so it's impossible to tell what they were "colored" like there.)
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