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This article is about the Kiss Play subgroup. For the Generation One Autobot subgroup, see Sparkabot.

The Sparkbots are a Unicron-allied subgroup in the Kiss Players portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Bakugan brawl, and you know what's left

The Sparkbots are a trio of Transformers who claim to be servants of Primus, but their true allegiance is to Primus' dark opposite, Unicron. They transform from small glowing spheres into significantly larger robots of various configurations. They have the ability to fly, communicate telepathically, and apparently also to travel through time when their abilities are activated by a kiss. They mostly make grinding noises when they speak out loud.

The group's members are:


Kiss Players Position[]

In the year 2006 or 2007, the Sparkbots suddenly appeared in the sky before the "Kiss Players" singing group at the Brave Maximus Fortress concert of their world tour. They introduced themselves to the performers telepathically and insisted that the three humans in the group kiss them.


Making this series took a lot, we can't do it.

When Atari Hitotonari, Shao-Shao Li and Marissa Faireborn complied, they were engulfed by a bright light and the entire fortress was transported back to the Sherman Dam in the year 1985. The Autobot commander Optimus Prime was there, but could not see the time travellers as they observed him.


The truth revealed! Those little potty-mouths.

The Sparkbot Angela commanded Marissa to kiss her and the glowing pink sphere transformed into a lion. Flying close to Prime with Marissa on her back, she told the human to kiss the Autobot. When she did, a fragment of the Allspark emerged from his chest. As the travellers retrieved it, Angela ordered their return to the present day.

The Sparkbots continued to lead the Kiss Players from one point in time and space to the next. At each destination, they encountered a famous Autobot or Maximal leader and kissed him to extract a fragment of the Allspark.

Following a perilous adventure on the planet Quintessa, the Kiss Players decided to decorate their new friends with symbols of their own devising. The Sparkbots' only response was to make grinding noises, leaving the girls undecided as to whether or not they approved.

As the team came closer to reaching their goal, a mysterious giant golden hand started appearing from nowhere and taking the Allspark fragments before the Kiss Players and Sparkbots could collect them.

When the hand was discovered to belong to Primus himself, the true purpose and allegiance of the Sparkbots was at last revealed: they were agents of evil, and what the Kiss Players had been collecting were not fragments of the Allspark at all, but Angolmois energy, the life force of Unicron! In fact, it had been the Sparkbots who redirected Galvatron's path toward Earth when he was originally fated to crash on Thrull, thus causing the destruction of Tokyo and all of the events that resulted from that catastrophe.

Fleeing back in time to prehistoric Earth with their precious prize, the Sparkbots released the Angolmois energy that they had collected. Unicron was reborn!

In a mighty struggle, Primus succeeded in destroying Unicron once more, confining both his dark energy and the Sparkbots beneath the surface of the planet and creating a mighty guardian to watch over them. The Sparkbots were never heard from again... unless they ended up becoming the Blendtrons or something.


Kiss Players[]

  • Kiss Players Sparkbot x3 (multi-pack, 2007)

The keychains are used as leashes. Does that count as bondage?

Announced in the first "Transformers Kiss Play: Transformers News Center" radio show of 2007, the Sparkbots were released as a three-pack that includes a music CD starring the "Kiss Players" voice actresses. The set was only available at the Japanese "Toy Festival" in March 2007.
The Sparkbot toys are redecos of the Egg Beast molds last released in the Japanese Beast Wars toyline. They are: