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The Sparkabots are an Autobot subgroup from the Generation One continuity family.
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The Sparkabots are a sub-group of Autobots, who can each unleash a torrent of flames from their vehicle forms. The Sparkabots are...

UK comic name: Sparkler Mini-Bots


Marvel Comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

The Sparkabots were sent to Earth to watch out for any activity by Galvatron. They witnessed him approaching Shockwave's base and reported the situation to Springer on Cybertron only to come under attack from the Firecons. The fight ended when Galvatron passed by, laughed at them and then left. Enemy Action Deciding they needed back-up, the Sparkabots revived Ultra Magnus and teamed up with him to try and stop Shockwave's plan to resurrect Megatron as a weapon against Galvatron. They were prevented from doing so when Galvatron attacked them again and Ultra Magnus had to come to their rescue. Salvage

The Sparkabots and Ultra Magnus returned to Cybertron only to find the Autobot base at Kalis deserted. They were attacked first by the Decepticons, who seemed reluctant to follow them into Kalis, then by zombies, but managed to shut down their control signal with help from the captured Decepticon Flywheels. City of Fear Ultra Magnus then sent Flywheels to get reinforcements, a decision Sizzle disagreed with. Legion of the Lost The group were met by Springer who guided them to the underground base of the renegade Autobot Flame. There they teamed up first with the Wreckers then with Flywheels and Trypticon and managed to penetrate Flame's sanctuary, only to find his reactor was about to explode and take out the whole area. The Sparkabots, along with most of the other Autobots and Decepticons present, headed to the surface to escape the explosion, while the reactor was shut down in an act of self-sacrifice by the partially zombified Impactor. Meltdown

The Sparkabots next helped Ultra Magnus investigate the death of the Autobot Chameleon and helped him shut down an illegal fight scene, saving him from being shot by some random Decepticons. Deadly Games They were later captured by the Decepticons, along with the Triggerbots, and Fizzle and Sizzle, plus Backstreet, were sent to Earth. There they were attacked by the bounty hunters known as the Roadjammers, who had been employed by Lord Zarak and quickly managed to deactivate them. However, when the Roadjammers used their jamming devices to turn not only the three Autobots but also some Decepticons against Scorponok, Zarak was forced to activate his anti-jamming device, freeing the Autobots. The two Sparkabots drove off into the sunset never to be seen again and whether or not they bothered to go back for Guzzle is uncertain. Ca$h and Car-nage!

In an alternate 2009, Guzzle was one of the seven Autobots still active under Prowl's command after Cybertron was destroyed by Unicron and America conquered by Galvatron. His part in the resistance ended when Cyclonus slammed a fist through his chest. Rhythms of Darkness

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Generation One

The Sparkabots were sold carded at the $3 price point. Like other such toys, they are small in size, simple to transform, and feature very limited articulation. Each toy features a friction-motor that causes "cold" sparks to shoot from the rear section of their alternate modes as well as propelling the toy forward on smooth surfaces.
This set of molds was used to make the Japanese Autobot Sparkdash members.

Generation 2


  • If the animated series continued, the Sparkabots would've appeared in it.
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