Spark fuser (Battlegrounds, Part 2)
The Spark Fuser is a staff-like device created by Steeljaw on the instructions of Megatronus. It was designed to draw the remnants of Unicron's Anti-Spark from the depths of Earth and the AllSpark from Cybertron and bring them together. This fusion of the two contrasting energies was intended to destroy both Earth and Cybertron, both planets having played a role-as Megatronus saw it-in his ancient defeat. Fortunately, he was halted in this plan by the efforts of Team Bumblebee.

Background Information

  • The Spark Fuser was given its name when Optimus saw Megatronus wield it in battle in Battlegrounds, Part 2 where it's purpose was revealed. Additionally, it is not known if Megatronus himself conceived the device or learned how to create it from some unknown source and then conveyed that knowledge to Steeljaw.
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